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We're having our first baby! We weren't one of those couples who magically conceived on their first try, so I documented the process of trying to conceive (or TTC) below. A year is totally normal and healthy, but obviously frustrating when you are in the waiting game. We were so grateful that after a year of trying and one dose of progesterone, that our little tyke was conceived. She's due on July 16th, 2017 and we couldn't be more excited.

TTC Process

On Babies / May 2015
On Babies, Part 2  / September 2016
TTC: Supplements / September 2016
TTC: Acupuncture / September 2016
TTC: Health and Exercise / October 2016
TTC: 1 Year TTC Doctor Visit / October 2016

and our announcement...

On Babies, Part 3 / February 2017

Pregnancy Posts

Petite Maternity Clothing / February 2017
It's a...Girl! / February 2017
20 Weeks / February 2017
Pregnancy Confessions / March 2017
Things I'm Looking Forward To (As a Parent) / March 2017
My Pregnancy Essentials / March 2017
28 Weeks / April 2017
Our Baby Shower / May 2017
32 Weeks / May 2017
Adventures in Adulting / June 2017
36.3 Weeks / June 2017
What's In My Baby's Hospital Bag / June 2017

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