Hi there! I'm Maria and this is where I write.

South Meets West Coast is a lifestyle blog about, you guessed, it, life on the West Coast. And that's pretty much it. Just a Southern-raised girl living in northern California with her husband, her ridiculously cute daughter, documenting their travels, trying to learn their fancy camera, and being cautiously optimistic about where life will take them next. 

LOVES // my smart, patient and supporting husband // my spunky baby // my faith // lemon flavored anything // fall // recalling memories with family // cardigans // clean white sheets // travel // photojournalism // documentaries // Christian fiction // white tea // green tea  // the South // Outer Banks // calling my mom three times a day // ballet flats // cheap shampoo // hiking and mountains // but the beach too // country back roads // sprinkles // my Mac Book Air // pushups // decorating & unique architecture // hardwood floors // Saturday mornings // 

STORY // grew up with my mom and two crazy hilarious brothers in small town, Virginia // B.S. Psychology from Virginia Tech // drove 3,000 miles across country to make California my new home // M.A. Education and Counseling from San Jose State University // married my college sweetheart in September 2011 // I've been a barista, nanny, office manager, personal assistant and event planner // currently staying home with my daughter, whose the toughest boss I've ever had // favorite travels: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Colorado, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Utah, Outer Banks, Iceland, The Netherlands // wanderlust: Peru, Amalfi Coast, and Greece...someday


Officially a family of three.
July 2017


  1. Welcome to the Bay Area! I have lived here all my life (with a stint in San Diego for college) and it's such a great place to live.

    Love your wedding dress. Very cute pictures :)

    1. Thanks, Sonia and shall I say, "Hello, Neighbor!"?

      I'm always up for meeting new people in the Bay Area, so looking forward to getting to know you!

  2. Popped over here from Katie Bower's blog, and I'm enjoying browsing through all your posts!

  3. Hi Maria!

    I saw on Courtney's giveaway post to win one of my custom illustrations that you had mentioned you're in the market for a new blog header! I'd love to discuss project details with you--is this still something you are interested in?

    Send me an email at LauraLikesDesign@gmail.com and we can chat!


  4. I just discovered your blog, and it's hilariously awesome. Way to go.

  5. ok that pic is not goofy. it's gorgeous. you're adorable.

  6. I've been to Greece! It's my one travel claim to fame. I haven't been anywhere else internationally. But it. was. awesome.


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