Jul 7, 2017

The Nursery Tour

You don't know how good it feels to say this room is finished! In fact, no other room in our home is what I'd consider to be finished. Apparently having a nine month deadline is really all it takes to complete something around here. Home design is definitely not my forte, so the fact that this room came together and looks halfway decent is something I'm very proud of.

Without further ado, Baby Falls' Nursery!


Crib: Babyletto Hudson Convertible in White
Crib Mattress: Nook Pebble Air in Cloud
Dresser: Ikea Hemnes 8-Drawer in White Stain
Rug: West Elm Vines Rug in Neutral
Curtains: RH Baby Embroidered Dots in White
[Not shown, but important]: Black Out Shades: Blackout EZ Shades

Whether we were having a boy or girl, I knew I wanted a fairly gender-neutral nursery with a lot white, gray, and cream tones. I wanted it to be peaceful, serene, and simple without a glaring theme involved. I think I accomplished that and them some. While I took some inspiration from photos I found on Pinterest, we basically just kept picking out items that we liked and it eventually came together without too much thought. We'd love to add more photos/art to the walls, but we hope that evolves with time.

Nursery Collage

Crib Mobile: Etsy, The Felting Dorcas
Crib Sheets: Target, Cloud Island
Lamb: JellyCat
Silver Fox: Slumberkins
Pink Vase: Anthropologie
Gold Basket: Target
Hair Bow Box: What my Ollie Swaddle came in
Hair Bows: Gifts | Four Jays Bows | Hadley Girl | Baby Bling Bows

Brandon and I chose the mobile from Etsy and it's kind of hilarious because we were both looking separately and ended up sending each other the exact same one! It was mobile-fate. The crib sheets I found at Target. Their new Cloud Nine line has such adorable stuff! The pink vase we found at Anthropologie the evening we found out we were having a girl. We were killing time shopping and I spotted it, thinking of how cute it'd be for a nursery. After dinner (and revealing that it's a she!), we went back there to buy it. So it's pretty special. That cute little woodland creature box was how our Ollie Swaddle was packaged. I thought it was too nice to throw away and would make a great bow container. The bin behind (from Target dollar bin!) that holds all of her little shoes and booties.


Diaper Pail: Ubbi in White
Laundry basket: Babies R Us
Wolf Print: Society6 by Amanda Hamilton
Changing Pad: Poopoose

This corner holds our diaper pail and laundry tub. Bandalou suggested the diaper pail to us and I love that I can use my own Costco garbage bags with it. It's made of steel, but lightweight (uhh, for now) and I think is pretty sleek looking.

I grabbed the laundry tub from Babies R Us for about $7. I wanted a basket that I could disinfect if need be.

The art. Oh the sweet sweet art. Brandon picked this little wolf print from Society6 and we used their framing service. I loved how it turned out with the slightly offset matting.

You cannot see the changing pad, but we went with the Poopoose pad, which is made of eco-friendly materials, is 100% wipeable (no changing pad cover required) and has this super soft, machine-washable safety strap that helps babies calm down while being changed (so they say - I'll report back).


Playmat: Skip Hop Woodland Friends in Gray/Pastel
Picture Ledges: Ikea Mosslanda
Abacus: Ikea, in stores
Amsterdam Print: Society6 by Claudia Schoen
Picture Frame: Target
Succulent and Pot: Trader Joe's
Books: gifts from friends and family!

I love this little "play & read" corner of her room! The playmate is from Skip Hop and a super generous gift from one of my coworkers. I love how it's gender neutral and though it's a baby toy, the colors aren't obnoxious. We plan to do tummy time here. The little abacus behind it is a $10 Ikea find.

Brandon put a lot of love into hanging these Ikea picture ledges and I put a lot of love selecting the perfect books. I doubt it will look this good ever again though!

The top shelf has an adorable, retro, Amsterdam map on it. I love maps (I have map prints all over our house) and thought this one was perfect for a girl's nursery. We went to Amsterdam a few years ago, so it pays homage to that and my sister in law is Dutch and grew up in The Netherlands. In fact, Emma kindly gifted us the little bunny toy in front of the map, Miffy. Miffy is a super popular Dutch baby/child icon, so I thought it was only fitting to pair them.

The succulent is from Trader Joe's and the fake succulents were from my work baby shower.

We found the African basket in a little shop in Northern California when we were away one weekend. It's one of my favorite pieces we picked out for her room! We thought it would be a the perfect little toy/stuffed animal basket for her and I love how it adds some more natural elements to the space (look at me trying to sound like a designer!). She's already spoiled with little stuffed animal friends, toys, balls, and gadgets.


Glider: Land of Nod Milo Glider
Pouf Ottoman: Etsy, 2Stitch
Side Table: West Elm Cast Tripod Side Table in Antique Brass
Lamp: Target Artisan Glass Jug Lamp
Unicorn: Target
Framed Photo: Framebridge (of our gender reveal photo!)

If we splurged on one thing for this nursery, this glider would be it. Everyone told me that a comfy rocking chair was crucial and you should get one that feels so relaxing that you'll want to sleep in it. So that's what I did, no matter how much it hurt my wallet. I chose the Milo chair from Land of Nod and let's just say I've already dozed off there a few times reading my parenting books...

The pouf ottoman is another one of my favorite things about this nursery! It's an Etsy find that is handmade in Lithuania. The quality and craftsmanship are incredible and could the color be more perfect? Now, as much as I love it, I will say that we are constantly filling this thing with bean bag filling (got it from Walmart for super cheap) to keep it firm and tall. I'm thinking for practicality's sake, we may need to get a firmer, larger ottoman that is a bit more substantial. The plan is to wait and see just how much use we get out of the glider and then decide from there. But, this will live in the room until then or would be super cute for her to use at a mini play table one day. So not all is lost, friends!

Brandon picked out the cute side table from West Elm and I had our gender reveal photo printed and framed by Framebridge. It's such a special photo to me; the socks were something we bought immediately after finding out she's a girl and the paper that reads "it's a girl <3" is what our ultrasound tech gave us. I think we need to add a little something else below or beside this print as this wall is looking pretty sad, but we'll see. Maybe the first initial of her name?

The unicorn was an impulse Target find when it was on sale. I thought her room needed a touch of whimsy.


Her closet already has these wonderful built in shelves that we were able to use for more storage. They are all adjustable too, so it was really fun for me to organize.

Left: My cousin got me this pink pig YEARS ago (pigs were my favorite animal growing up) and I thought it was too cute not to display. The mint clock is from Target and the little succulent is from World Market.

Middle: Her dresses! Oh my gosh. Stop. The left most green outfit was the outfit I wore home from the hospital and had my three month photos taken in. I plan to do the same photo with her and compare. Cannot wait! The other dresses are a bit big for her at the moment (I just don't think dresses are practical on babies until they are older), but they are fun to look at. I especially love the blue popsicle one for the 4th of July next year, the cream embroidered one my friend bought me in Mexico and the blue corduroy one I got on sale at Mini Boden.

Right: Her board books! Did I mention we have a LOT of books? The piggy bank was mine growing up and the frame picture is of me and Emma from her wedding last year.

The other side of the closet is holding a huge stash of diapers, wipes, Rock N Play Sleeper, Boppy, and other odds and ends that will soon take over our house.

So there you have it! I'm so happy the room is completely done. In my eyes, it's perfect for her and it brings me so much joy to just sit in there and take it all in. Hopefully we can introduce it to her soon. Very soon would be nice. Nine days until my due date and so ready to meet her!


  1. So, so lovely, friend. I am just thrilled for you and B! 9 days! I'll be praying for a safe and healthy delivery for baby and mama.

    1. Oh, and I love it all but the mobile is just so cute. That's one thing I never got around to buying.... twice now lol.

  2. Sooo... for fun I decided to read through some of your older blog posts tonight. And I'm glad I did because this was fun to see! Our nurseries are so similar! We also wanted a neutral nursery and we wanted lots of whites. Just looking at your nursery reminds me of ours, haha! Also, the sheets we used are also from Target's new Cloud Island line and I LOVE all of their stuff. So so cute! And we totally have those Ikea picture ledges for her books! :)

    Have you taken pictures of her in your 3 month dress yet?? I want to see a side-by-side comparison!


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