Jul 25, 2017

41+ Weeks

41 Weeks

I'm 9 days overdue today and unless things happen on their own in the next 12 hours, I'll start the induction process tonight.

I saw my doctor on Friday morning and the good news is that this babe still doing great in her little home. She passed her non stress test with flying colors, I was having regular (non painful) contractions, and as far as cervical checks go, the doctor said that I'm making progress, though very slowly. Progress is progress right? Acupuncture did the trick and turned this little girl from sunny side up to anterior and we all started cheering and laughing. My doctor's demeanor is seriously one of the best. Even though she told me to go to acupuncture, she was still so shocked that it worked and said babies don't normally turn this far along unless I'm in labor. I thought maybe this, coupled with some of the natural induction techniques I was going to continue use over the weekend, would surely set things into motion.


Do I get points for trying though?

I've walked and walked and walked. Brandon: "Should I feel bad that my 10 month pregnant wife is getting more steps than me?" I drank as many cups of red raspberry leaf tea that I could stand in this heat (fact: I am officially OVER summer). I faithfully took evening primrose oil capsules. We ordered the hottest salsa on the menu when we went out for Mexican food. I cleaned and nested (as well as I can at this point). I bounced on the exercise ball. I did a full blown workout on the exercise ball.

So despite my best efforts, we are looking at a scheduled induction tonight, starting with a Cervidil insertion at 7pm (Tuesday, 7/25). I had a long chat with my doctor about the benefits of waiting until 42 weeks versus now and her thoughts on my chances of going into labor naturally by then. I researched Bishop scores and read articles written by midwives and induced birth stories. Ultimately, I felt like it was the right decision and Brandon agreed. I always said I'd go into this labor business keeping an open mind, going with my intuition, and obviously listening to the advice of my doctor. So that's exactly what I'm doing and the more I let it sink in, the better I feel about it.

As we were saying goodbye to her on Friday, I happened to joke that I am just a few days away from a turkey sandwich to which she responded with, "Oh goodness honey, you go eat a turkey sandwich! You deserve it and there's no risk anymore." So last night we had turkey subs from Jersey Mike's and it was so amazing I didn't care that I dripped olive oil and vinegar down the front of my shirt.

How am I feeling? I cannot even describe the emotions, so I won't even try to go in depth here (how are you supposed to feel when your life is about to change in the most major/best way ever?), but I will say that I'm at peace. I'm content, not nervous, not anxious (though talk to me around 6pm tonight...). Just more than ready to meet her, bring her home, and start our new life.

Next post will be an introduction to our daughter, with her apologies for being fashionably late :)

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