Apr 23, 2017

28 Weeks

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Since we last chatted...we flew home (Virginia) for our baby shower and then brought my little brother back to California with us, where we embarked on all kinds of local adventures. I need to gather my photos from both events and blog about them soon, but since I've finally hit the THIRD TRIMESTER I figured I'd catch you guys up on that first. 

I'm exactly 28 weeks today and officially in the third trimester, which is crazy. In general, my thoughts surrounding this are I have SO MUCH to do and I'm so SAD this pregnancy is almost over. It's weird that I'm already mourning the 28 weeks that I have passed. I guess that I'm that obnoxious woman who seemed to really love pregnancy and all it involves. Famous last words as we dwindle down the weeks, right?

Let's get into it.

How far along: 28 weeks on the nose

Baby is the size of a(n): Eggplant, tropical coconut, rollerblade, baseball hat, a Nintendo. I have more if you want them. None of them make sense. But clearly, she's a-growing. She's now to the stage where if she were born prematurely, she'd more than likely be fine and that's really reassuring. I'm so grateful to have made it this far.

Due date: 7.16.17. Hasn't changed since day one, though my belly was measuring 2 weeks behind at my last appointment in early April.

Gender: girl!

Weight gain: +16 pounds. Pregnancy weight gain is super wonky you guys. I was told I'd be expected to gain about a pound a week from the second trimester on. Nope. I think I front loaded a lot of my weight gain around week 20-22 and then it just stalled and even went down a bit. I literally gained nothing from week 22 to 26. I was worried, but my doctor said things were just fine. Just this past week though I've gained 2 pounds, though that could be from all the rich food we indulged in when my brother was here :) But yeah, pregnancy weight gain, like most things in pregnancy, is not a one-size-fits-all plan.

Exercise: Because of traveling, my consistency hasn't been the greatest, but still just a ton of walking. We even went hiking in Yosemite and while I definitely noticed that I was slowing down a bit, I still managed to get in about nine miles that day. Boy did I feel it afterwards though. I plan to continue to walk and do some bodyweight stuff. Any muscle that I did have previously is gone gone gone! Generally, I feel good though. I sometimes forget that I'm not my old self and I'll start walking really fast or taking the stairs at work, both of which leave me gasping for air.

Stretch marks: Surprisingly no. Unless they are on my thighs and I cannot see them which is a huge possibility.

Sleep: I am still getting really really good sleep every night. I know it's supposed to get worse in the third trimester, so I'm enjoying it at the moment. I have no trouble falling asleep and usually only get up once a night to go the bathroom, if that. Very fortunate.

Food cravings/aversions: I'm sad that there hasn't been anything I've just HAD to have, but certain foods do taste better than others. I really have enjoyed watermelon, kiwi, jicama (LOVE jicama sticks pre-cut from TJ's), any type of chip, mashed potatoes and gravy, and fresh salads that are not made by me. I cannot go wrong with pizza, burgers, or fried chicken. My super strong cravings for Pizza Hut breadsticks have waned though. Still not a fan of peppers and I feel like I never will be again. Same with Mexican food. Just doesn't appeal to me. Oh yeah, had In N Out Burger three times last week because my brother couldn't get enough. Let's blame him.

Symptoms: I don't know if it's because no one gets this or they just don't talk about it, but CARPAL TUNNEL. Who knew? It's painful, ya'll. When I wake up in the mornings, I cannot even make a fist, but it generally gets better as the day goes on. Thinking of getting some wrist braces at night so I won't sleep on my hands. My doctor said this will go away after the pregnancy. My feet and ankles are swollen all the time, but it's not terrible yet, just rocking some Fred Flintstone feet. Rest and water really helps. Rings are off and will stay that way. I was nervous about my cross-country flights, but an exit row seat (free upgrade) + a ton of water made for really smooth travel. My back hurts from time to time and I'm starting to waddle from the pain, but nothing major. Emotions are good and in check and nesting is starting to kick in.

So all in all, I really cannot complain. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have made it this far and have had a relatively easy time. I've read so many stories (and witnessed in my circle of friends) of those who have not only had really difficult pregnancies/labors, but pregnancies that haven't progressed as they should and it breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. I simply cannot imagine what they are going through and anytime I feel an odd ache or pain, I just remind myself that it's all a blessing.

Movement: Dance Dance Revolution in my stomach from 8pm - 9pm every single night. She flips, rolls, punches, and karate chops. It's amazing and fun. I am trying to get it on video to show my family, but she hasn't cooperated just yet. We read to her every night (first child privileges, I assume) and try to time it around when she's doing her dance, so that she hears the story.

What I miss: Still Diet Coke, but not as bad as before. I also cannot wait for a giant turkey sub for after I deliver. Miss sleeping on my stomach still and TMI, but I miss my flat chest. Do people really pay thousands of dollars for these things?

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What I'm loving: kicks of course! Also setting up the nursery and going through all of the lovely things she got at our shower. We received a ton of books and I've flipped through almost all of them. They make me so excited to read to her in person. I also enjoy looking at her little clothes and cannot wait to wash them and get them organized.

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting her, obviously. I cannot wait to see if she has hair and if she'll be early, on time (like Brandon) or late (like me). I also have a work shower coming up which I'm excited about. I feel so spoiled!

Next Appointment: Wednesday! I go in for my glucose tolerance test followed by an appointment with one of my OBs. The practice I go to skips the one-hour test and goes straight to a two-hour test, which they feel is more accurate as a lot of women tend to fail the one-hour. I was told to eat normally, but keep my carb intake at less than 150 grams per day, from now (Sunday) until the test. I will also need to fast the night before the tests and my plan is go in as soon as the lab opens because dude, I need to eat.

Four weeks from now my appointment frequency goes from four to two weeks. Getting real ya'll.

Baby Purchases: Umm, a lot is happening. We got a ton of useful items at my baby shower and yet I still feel like there's a lot we need to cross off our list. Yesterday we visited our favorite local baby store, Bandalou Baby (referral link). It's awesome you guys. It's a mom and pop place (but they have a great online store too) and they let you try everything out. I made an appointment to test mattresses, carseats (they even put two bases in our car to see which one worked best), strollers, and wrap carriers. It was a huge success (we were there for 1.5 hours) and last night I started a crowdsource order for our crib mattress, carseat, and stroller. The best thing about this place is that their prices match Amazon, BUT you get points for every purchase and if you can wait a week, you can crowdsource what you want to buy and get even more points. I've accumulated $100 in points so far that from purchasing our Dock a Tot and Halo bassinet. We'll use those points toward the mattress and we'll get even more money ($130) for purchasing our stroller there. Things are literally paying for themselves. Okay, not really, but the point system does help.

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Brandon wasn't so sure about the Baby K'tan (and I didn't like it either), but we loved the Moby wrap! Once she's here, they suggested we come back and try structured carriers with her, so we know what works best for us.

After reading positive review after review, I ordered the Ollie Swaddle last night. I hope it's worth the price tag. Yeesh. I have an H&M and Tea Collection clothing order coming soon (she still needed a lot of sleepers and basics). We also picked up the Hemnes Ikea dresser for the nursery. We have the exact same one in our bedroom and absolutely love it. You cannot beat the price. Nursery now needs curtains, a glider (whyyyy are the modern ones so pricey?!), a little bookcase, a lamp, and some things for the walls. One thing at a time...one thing at a time.

Anything else: Names! We had our "dinner date" to discuss names and it was so much fun! We shared the lists we made, one name at a time, ranked from least to most favorite. We started veto-ing the odd ones and are now stuck with two names. One of them is my top pick and one is his. Neither of us are budging. We've selected a few people to help us and so far, my name is winning by the landslide (our eye doctor, Brandon's best friend at work, and his favorite coffee truck barista), but we still aren't 100%. I would feel so bad having him give up his top pick and he feels the same way about me. Maybe there are two little girls inside of me so we don't have to choose? They'd be fantastic sister names! ;) Any advice?

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I guess it's okay for me to start wearing muumuus now, right?

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  1. I still say you should just hold off on making a final name decision until you see her if you have it narrowed to two! From what I've heard from other people, you will know what her name is for sure then :) (If you haven't decided beforehand and are still up in the air, that is.) Woo for appointments every two weeks! I love going more often.


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