Mar 12, 2017

The Second Weekend in March

Want a glimpse into our incredibly exciting weekend? It's especially riveting.

1. I made my own shower cleaner.

2017-03-12 04.17.11 1

Wait! Hear me out. This is fun stuff.

I've been a big fan of Shaklee's spray cleaners for a while now. I bought my starter kit from Brittany years ago and I still have a ton left. I use them in the kitchen and they are great sprays for surface cleaning. In the bathroom; however, I need something more. Bathrooms are nasty. Especially showers. I can never seem to get a shower up to my standards of clean.

I was using Method products and Bar Keeper's Friend until Brandon (who is now our designated bathroom cleaner around here) realized that they are both highly toxic according to EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning. We ditched them (honestly, they didn't work that well anyway) and were on the hunt for a healthy shower cleaner replacement.

And we found it!

The recipe is from Bren Did and really simple: 1/2 cup of Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds, 1/2 cup white vinegar. Just mix together, spray on the shower and let sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. Guys, I have never been more impressed with a cleaner, especially one that is non-toxic (it's ranks A on EWG). Brandon tested it on the grout of our shower floor and it worked wonders. He sprayed it on and used a small OXO brush (from their Deep Cleaning Brush Set) to scrub. Please ignore the ugly tile and look at that bright white grout!

2017-03-12 04.20.45 1

We also used it on the toilet, sinks, and counters. We basically only have to use one product to clean our entire bathroom now (besides some vinegar to clean the mirror).

I cannot believe I just wrote four paragraphs about this. Clearly, I love cleaning you guys. You should see my Spring Cleaning Checklist.

2. I chopped my hair off!

2017-03-11 12.47.14 1

I haven't had a haircut since July of last year since I'm just so cheap and lazy when it comes to my hair. It was long overdue for a trim and my stylist said all of my layers had grown out which is why I was hating it so much. So I asked for a trim and more layers...and ended up with this short mom cut. Never go into the salon and say "Oh, just do whatever you think will look cute"...because you'll end up with really short hair. My flat iron and I are about to get real close again.

I like it though! The layers are flattering and I know it'll grow fast thanks to all these hormones and vitamins (and then apparently, it'll all fall out?!). And yes, that dress is a little big, but at the rate I'm going, I'll fill it out in no time. 14 pounds and climbing!

3. I subscribed to Hulu. 

We've been devoted to Netflix for years, but Emma told me that Hulu had Dawson's Creek and that was all it took. The best thing is there are a TON of other shows I've been wanting to watch (This is Us, Mindy Project) and now have access to. Given that we don't have cable, Hulu + Netflix is still so much cheaper than Comcast....

4.  I went to Whole Foods hungry. 

2017-03-12 04.18.37 1

And ended up with watermelon popsicles (don't they sound just amazing right now?!), ice cream sandwiches, and pretzel chips for the salt fix.

5. We put up the crib!

2017-03-12 04.20.05 1

Actually, Brandon did. I sat, watched, and admired our growing stash of baby clothes kindly gifted by some of my favorite people. We went with the Babyletto Hudson crib that will eventually convert to a toddler bed. It's just as nice in person and love how it looks in the baby's room. It's getting real, folks.

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