Mar 20, 2017

10 Things I'm Looking Forward To (As a Parent)


When you tell people you are about to become a parent, they almost always follow up their excitement with "Good luck. Enjoy your life now, it'll never be the same. Sleep while you can!". Those cliches probably are all rooted in truth, but my goodness do I get sick of hearing them (obviously, since this is my second time mentioning this). If I let them get to me (and sometimes I do), I'd probably be terrified of what we've gotten ourselves into.

Then I just think of all of the million different reasons why we decided to have a child. I've definitely been through stages of not being totally sure, but the more I think about my own childhood and how amazing it was, the more excited I get to provide the same environment for my own child. Here are some things I'm really looking forward to. Yes, I know. Roll your eyes. I'm that naive pre-parent who hasn't seen anything yet and from my perspective, things are still all rainbows and butterflies. That's not real life. I know. But humor me, okay?

1. Starting new traditions as a family. I grew up with a lot of traditions, mostly small ones, mostly involving food, but traditions were a huge part of my childhood. Even the smallest things I remember being a fun tradition: TGIF shows on Friday nights (Family Matters! Full House!), spaghetti Mondays, my mom's "Are you up?" wake up song that would send me into a giggle fits. Our holidays were chock full of traditions and still to this day my mom has a hard time letting them go and to be honest, so do I.

2. Children's books. You guys. I love children's books. I don't know if love is even a strong enough word. I want our nursery to be filled to the brim with books; new ones that look fun, old classics, and even my own books from my childhood. Reading was a huge part of my upbringing and I have the fondest memories attached to it.

3. Travel. Brandon and I didn't travel much growing up. In fact, we both were stuck in small town bubbles that left us a lot to learn about the great big world. In one sense, it was a blessing to have such a safe and warm community to grow up in (think Mayberry), but it also held us back. We hope that our children will be exposed at an earlier age to all the wonders of the world. We want to travel as much as possible once our child(ren) hit the right ages, (I know you seasoned parents are laughing again) and hopefully give them a sense of how others live.

4. Being a classroom mom. I know, I have a looong ways to go before this one, but when I was younger, I really wanted to be a teacher. I did an internship in a few schools and along the way, realized it wasn't the career for me. I'm okay with that, but I cannot wait to get back into the classroom as a mom. I want to volunteer to help with reading circles, holiday parties, and field trips. I hope I'll have the time to be involved in any way I can.

5. Teaching about giving.  One of my most vivid childhood memories was when my mom and I ran into a homeless man outside of the grocery store (which was really rare in our small town) and she said, "Let's get him a bag of food. I cannot stand to see someone go hungry." We chose things we thought he might enjoy and handed it to him as we left. He almost cried tears of joy and immediately started eating. My mom had very very little money back then (pretty sure she was living paycheck to paycheck) and she didn't think twice about using her last dollars to give to someone else. That was so impactful to me as a child and I hope I can be as good of a role model to my own kids. Actions truly speak louder than words.

6. Christmas. I know this kind of goes along with traditions, but to see Christmas through the eyes of a child again...well, pass me the tissues. I cannot wait to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of family and faith. And let's be honest, I am itching to buy matching pjs for us to wear Christmas Eve.

7. Seeing Brandon be a dad. I didn't grow up with my dad and Brandon lost his dad to a car accident when he was young. While we have a lot of other incredibly amazing father figures in our lives, you don't know how much joy it'll bring to me to see him take on this role for our child.

8. Toys! I want to build giant blanket forts and make matchbox car roads out of painter's tape. I cannot wait to start family game nights and spend hours putting together giant puzzles. I want set up the perfect play kitchen (or classroom) and see our child's imagination go wild.

9. Seeing a personality develop. They say opposites attract, but Brandon and I are very much alike. We were good students and very well behaved kids. We are shy, introverted, and fairly calm and quiet in social settings. Will our child be totally different or be into the same things we are? Will she enjoy hiking and the outdoors like us or prefer organized sports (not us)? I cannot wait to see what kind of person she'll be.

10. Enjoying the little things. Making the little moments into teaching moments and seeing their faces when they experience firsts. I want to help them catch lightening bugs (we really need to move to a place that has lightening bugs). I want them to help me make snow cream, teach them how to make wishes on dandelions, and skip rocks. I'd love to create school projects and assemble homemade Valentine cards, create Halloween costumes, etc. I want to see the ordinary things in life become extraordinary through their eyes.

I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that there are some things I'm not looking for to (no sleep) and things that downright scare me (puke, vomit, throw up). But here's to hoping the good outweighs the bad and this little girl can hold down her meals ;)


  1. I tried to build a blanket fort with R a month or so ago. She stared at me and then ran away. ha! Maybe in a year ;) Having a kid is the most fun. You will love it!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love this post. Yes, yes, yes to all of this! Seriously, I am so with you on all of these. Traditions, food, giving, and Christmas were all huge in my family growing up so I'm so excited to share all of that with our Little Bit. And girl, you should see the number of books we have in her nursery. It's kind of crazy, haha! We love children's books! I've always been a big reader and I'm so excited to share my favorites with her! Ooh, and travel! I traveled lots growing up (including living overseas) and Christopher lived in one place nearly his entire life. Good things to both of those for sure, but we love to travel as adults and are excited about the first "just for fun" trip we'll take as a family! Really all of this is just so great! So much fun we're going to have with our girls! :)


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