Feb 20, 2017

Life Lately: Can I Bring You Another Steak?

I want to start blogging about little snippets of our daily life, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to start these posts. I know I'm not the most gifted writer, but geesh. Why is this so hard?

It's been an eventful two weeks around here. First off, Brandon finished a huge project at his work and we went out to celebrate this past week at Alexander's, our special occasion place. I was in heaven. Steak? Mashed potatoes? Shirley Temples? Cotton candy? Oh my word.

Filet Mignon

I finished off my filet mignon in about four minutes flat and looked up to see Brandon and our friend still slowly making their way through their own steaks. The waiter even noticed, smiled, and said "Ma'am, can I bring you another steak?" I sheepishly exclaimed that I was little embarrassed but Brandon takes one look at my plate and then right at me and says, "Embarrassed? I've never been more proud of you." Husband points.

For the record, I could have finished another steak.

To continue the celebration, we headed up to Mount Shasta for a President's Day weekend getaway. This is our fourth time making this little trip (we like traditions) and our fourth stay at the Shasta MountInn, one of our favorite bed and breakfasts.

You know that big rainstorm that wreaked havok all over LA? We drove through that on our way north and it was not the most pleasant of drives. It's a 4.5 hour trip that took over 6 hours, many of which we spent trying to get out of hellish Bay Area traffic. But, right before we left, I decided to swing by Best Buy and grab a cable to try and figure out how project my phone to my car's speakers.

Game changer.

I've owned my CR-V for about seven years now and had no idea it was capable of this! We listened to a few Young House Love podcasts (Brandon: "My gosh these people are peppy."), Chris Loves Julia (hilarious) and our favorite, Tim Ferriss. Tim interviewed Mr. Money Mustache, who we model a lot of our personal finance beliefs from (another post for another day). It made the trip go by much faster than it would have otherwise. On the way back, we listened to Radio Lab's show where they interviewed the parents of the 23.6 week infant born prematurely. Umm, not advised to listen to this when you are 19 weeks pregnant. I was choking up the whole time, but what a riveting story.

Oh my gosh. Tangent. See? Terrible writer.

Hi-Lo Cafe

Back to the trip. We got in really late at night and headed to a highly rated diner, called Hi-Lo Cafe in Weed, California. All stoner jokes aside, it reminded us of Twin Peaks (and that's a good thing, we big Twin Peaks nerds) and the waiters were so sweet. We love old diners. And greasy diner food where you can order a side of gravy with your fries and no one looks at you funny for doing it.

We checked into our room, which had a fireplace that overlooked Mt. Shasta. Knock on B&Bs all you want, but there is nothing better than waking up to snow flurries and the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen. We may be 30 years younger than your typical B&B crowd, but we've got no shame in our game.

Shasta MountInn Breakfast

The best part about this B&B? It's also a spa. I don't normally treat myself to things like massages very often. In fact, I've never actually paid for one thanks to my company giving me gift cards. But, being that my hips, lower back, and tailbone have been a little creaky lately, I decided to go for a prenatal massage. It was fantastic and I slept like a log for 10 hours that night.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta was amazing. We've been really lucky to have a rainy winter here in California and that means a TON of snow for our northern friends. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Mount Shasta

We normally rent snowshoes and trek up the mountain, but this time, we just went for a little walk in the snow and watched the kids go sled riding, while making a vow to make sure we take our little guy/girl there in a few years to experience the same thing. The snow was DEEP, so it was hard to really go far, but we had fun regardless. The elevation made it a little hard for me to breathe, but I think I held my own pretty well.


After warming up, we walked around downtown a bit and found lunch in a fun little hippie cafe called Wassayaks. I know this sounds terrible, but sometimes, mostly when I'm ordering food, I forget that I'm pregnant and order whatever sounds good. I got a turkey, basil and cheese panini and a cranberry and chicken salad with feta cheese. Those of you know have been pregnant before know that deli meat and soft cheeses are a big no-no, but it wasn't until I was served my food that I realized my mistake...and I ate it anyway. Mom of the year here.


Speaking of moms and babies and stuff, our celebrating continues! Tomorrow, we head to my anatomy scan appointment and find out the sex of this little mango! I'm so happy we had our trip this weekend to distract me. Otherwise, I would have been counting down the hours all weekend long. We aren't doing a gender reveal party or anything like that (we both hate that kind of attention), so we are just having the tech write down the sex and then are following up our appointment with dinner, where we'll open it together. I'm thinking girl and Brandon is staying mum on his guess. Party pooper.

I'll let you in on the details after we tell our families. Eeep!


  1. Looks like you guys had a great trip.
    Can't wait to find out the gender! :D

  2. What a fantastic sounding trip! Also, eat whatever you want girlfriend, Lucy ate Italian cold cut subs with all three boys and they're all beautiful and healthy and I did one even better, I ate non-pasteurized cheese in Nicaragua (by accident) and well, you see little guy, he's fine! Haha! Point is, eat what looks good/sounds good, you'll both be fine!


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