Feb 27, 2017

20 Weeks


Half way there!

I don't plan on doing these type of posts every week because honestly, there isn't too much change happening week to week, but the half-way mark seemed like a reason to check in.

How far along: 20 weeks, 1 day

Baby is the size of a(n): Endive. My app (Ovia) has other comparisons that are way more fun: palmier cookie, paper airplane, axolotl (a Mexican amphibian). Babysizer says she's the size of a pint of root beer, stapler, or fat stack of cash.  She's doing all kinds of cool things right now. Did you know that she drinks amniotic fluid, pees it out and drinks it again? I couldn't be prouder.

Due date: 7.16.17 (I love the numbers!)

Gender: girl!

Weight gain: +11 pounds and climbing!

Exercise: About 3-4 times a week. Nothing crazy, just walking on the treadmill (podcasts really help the time fly by), some free weights and body weight stuff. I aim to get 11k steps a day, but with a desk job, it's really hard to reach, even when I hit the treadmill or the trail by our house. I'm usually happy with anything over 7k. Things are definitely slowing down a bit and I'm much more sore after a simple workout than I used to be. I'm also sore just folding laundry, prepping produce, or getting up off the sofa, so there's that. I wear my new Fit Bit Flex to make sure my heart rate doesn't go to too high, but I typically don't do anything too strenuous. I'm actually pretty proud of what exercise I am doing as it's more consistent than what I was doing before I got pregnant. Thinking of her health as a motivator works every single time.

Stretch marks: Nope. I hear they are mostly genetic and my mom got them, so I might have some show up at some point. I really don't care. I do use Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter and I doubt it'll help, but it does keep my skin nice and soft. I really like it and it's cheap! I also have a jar of coconut oil I keep in the shower which I use on my belly too. I enjoy giving her a little massage.

Sleep: Oh man, I'm one of the lucky ones (for now). I sleep solidly almost all night. Sometimes I wake up to go to the bathroom, but not every night. I bought the Snoogle and hated it. It was way too cumbersome and reminded me of a python. I was happy to return it and get my money back. I've since just used a small pillow between my legs, a rolled up throw blanket under my belly and a stuffed pug dog I've had since high school to wrap my arms around. It works well and easy on the wallet.

Food cravings: Sadly, no. I thought it would be fun to send Brandon out late at night for something I just had to have, but he's gotten lucky. I'm still not super crazy over sweet stuff. I've actually had a pint of ice cream in the freezer for two weeks left untouched (unheard for me) and our Girl Scout cookies are going stale in the pantry. But, chips and goldfish crackers do NOT last around here folks. Italian food (especially breadsticks and marinara) always sound great, as do pizza, burgers, pickles (so cliche) and fries. Salty stuff is my friend!

Also, ICE. Oh you beloved Chick Fila A pebble ice. I got one of their giant cups of ice water on Friday and had them fill it up with ice to the brim and then with water. They gave me a bit of of side eye, but oh man was it worth it. I also discovered that Costco's food court has amazing pebble ice too. So soft and delicious. Apparently you can buy bags of pebble ice from Sonic, but the nearest one is 50 minutes away...and we have no freezer space. Pfft. I don't consider ice a craving though, I've always loved it. Just love it even more now. I think my "cravings" have just been foods that I normally love a bit magnified, if that makes sense.

Symptoms: Round ligament pain here and there, usually when I've been walking too much. Sitting down helps. It really does feel like sharp stabbing lightening through your pelvis. I have hip tightness a lot and tailbone pain if I sit too long at work. My back aches when I stand too long and overall, I'm just a bit more creaky and achy. I need to start doing some prenatal yoga videos on Youtube.

I went through a few weeks of terrible pregnancy headaches that would last for days. They weren't that strong, but more annoying and it made it hard for me to concentrate at work. Thankfully I haven't had them in a couple weeks.

I am also experiencing some swelling in my hands and feet. I was prone to water retention and swelling prior to pregnancy, so I'm not surprised. My ankles might be a thing of the past...at least for the next few months :) I'm not wearing my engagement ring anymore, but my wedding band still fits.

Movement: Oh yes! She started moving about 2 weeks ago and I didn't know what it was at first. It felt more like my heart beating in my pelvis. Now, I can definitely distinguish it and it's so fun. She actually moves around a lot. I've tried to get Brandon to feel it, but nothing much happening on the outside yet. It's half amazing, half freaky and I love it.

What I Miss: Diet Coke. So much. I had been hoping giving it up would make me never want it again, but dang do I miss that junk. I didn't even drink that much when I wasn't pregnant, so I guess you could call it a craving. I miss the convenience of grabbing Subway for dinner, and despite my sleep being solid (knock on wood), I do miss sleeping on my stomach.

What I'm Loving: Umm, everything. Maternity clothes! I love dressing the bump and finally found some great maternity jeans (Old Navy's Rockstar full panel). They are so soft and were only $19. I love feeling her kicks and being able to confidently refer to her as a she. I love having conversations with Brandon over new traditions we want to start with her; celebrating holidays, etc. Oh and baby clothes. I went to Target the other night to return some maternity clothes and I stumbled upon their new spring lines. A girl born in the summer? Give me all the sundresses!


I also love that people are starting to notice my pregnancy now and maybe it's my imagination, but everyone is so nice and polite to me. I've been having so much fun brainstorming names. I have one that I've fallen in love with and I thought it was more rare than what it really is...it's definitely well into the top 100. I shouldn't care about that, but I was hoping for something not quite as popular. We'll see what Brandon thinks.

What I'm Looking Forward to: I know I shouldn't rush things, but I'm just ready to meet her already. I know she needs to grow a bit more, but I just cannot wait until she's here. I'm also looking forward to our trip to Virginia in April for my baby shower and not baby related, but I really want spring to be here so I can take more walks outside and see the sun shining when I finally get home from the gym each night. Oh! And the nursery. I'm ready for that to be ready. We have a lot to do and a big Ikea trip in store.

Next Appointment: This morning. Just a check up with my family doctor, but we do get to hear her heartbeat again and that never gets old.

Pregnancy Purchases: one more Liz Lange tank and tee from Target. They had spring stuff out. I think I'm done with maternity clothes shopping now. Hopefully everything will continue to fit! Oh and umm, fiber gummies from Costco.

Baby Purchases: Two dresses and pants from Target, a cute pale pink dress, an ivory cardigan, socks, kimono onesies from H&M. Been working hard on my baby registry and gosh, I'm so overwhelmed. We are going to a local mom & pop baby store next weekend to try out strollers and carseats. They let you take them outside and see how well the carseats fit in your car. I am hoping that experience will be much better than than the chaos of Buy Buy Baby. That store made me want to crawl into a hole and cry.

Anything else: In an effort to make our house a bit healthier, we spent some time this weekend looking up the "grades" of cleaning products on EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaning. We threw away any that had a D rating or lower and I ordered some Dr. Bronner's Sal Suds to make my own sprays (just add white vinegar!). I just hope it works! Dr. Bronner's also makes a baby soap that I want to look into using as a bath soap and shampoo for her.

I think that covers it (and more). Next weekend we start the nursery and I'll be sure to share the progress!

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