Oct 22, 2016

October Favorites

October Favorites

We've all had those mornings. You try on every single (clean) thing in your closet, 30 minutes pass and you realize you'll be late for work and end up settling for something less than thrilling and go about your day, disgruntled. Or if you are me, resort to gym clothes...again. But, I finally said enough was enough and I treated myself to a nice big Nordstrom haul, inspired mostly by Sheaffer Told Me To. Sheaffer does extensive reviews on Nordstrom products and I swear, this lady has never steered me wrong. Her picks are always on point and I've loved every single thing that she's recommended. Here are a few of them, but let's start with my own, non-Nordstrom finds first because they are worth mentioning.

As always, none of my links contain affiliates or biased in any way. I really do love this stuff.

Kenu Airframe+ 

I have built in navigation in my car, but I stopped using it when I downloaded Waze on my phone. Not only is Waze helpful for notifying Brandon when I'll be home, but it's absolutely necessary to give me the fastest way home in an area known for horrible traffic congestion (I swear it gets worse every day). Because of this, I needed a good car mount for my phone. I used to have one of those dashboard mounts that was huge and bulky, but I quickly ditched it for this little a/c vent mount, which is super easy to use and puts my phone in a safe, but convenient location. It's the little things in life, right? Bonus: it comes off easily and small enough to travel with and use in rental cars. Note that I have a Samsung Galaxy 6S and needed the Airframe+, which holds larger phones.

Rusk W8less Professional 2000 Watt Hair Dryer

My old hair dryer was so incredibly heavy and it made the dreaded task of blow drying my hair even more daunting. I think I went for two full months without ever doing my hair. So I knew it was time for an upgrade. This blow dryer is actually cheaper than my old one and works 10x better. It's lightweight, super fast (I can go from soaking wet - though I don't recommend that - to bone dry in about 6 minutes flat), and my hair is a lot less frizzy. I love it so so much. The only downside is that the concentrator attachment flies off from time to time, but everything else is perfect.

Now for the clothes and shoes :)

Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan

There are no words for amazing this cardigan is. I really cannot describe it. Let's forget about the fact that it's in the pajama section of Nordstrom (no one can tell it's loungewear, I swear) and talk about how dreamy this thing is. It's so soft (made with bamboo) and comfy and cozy. I'd live in it if I could. It's pretty pricey, but worth every penny. It was one of those things that you try on and know instantly that it was made for you. I sound so dramatic about this, but please do yourself a favor and try

Converse Shoreline Hue Leggings
Shoreline sneakers + Hue Leggings (that I cuffed because, 4'11")

Converse Shoreline Sneakers

I ordered a pair of the original Converse Chuck Taylors last fall and even though I'm a size 5.5, they made my feet look HUGE and were quickly returned. Then Sheaffer mentioned this Shoreline version that are cut differently with elastic around the ankle. Considering I love everything she recommends, I went for it. I ordered these in cloud gray (it's a very subtle light gray that won't clash if you are wear a gray top) and I absolutely love them. I am now on the search for some invisible socks to wear underneath to prevent blisters.

Hue Ultra WW Leggings

The hunt for the perfect pair of leggings is over. I've been through my fair share of cheap leggings, so I went up in price point and it has made all the difference. Again, another Sheaffer find. I got these in gray and plan to order (or put on my Christmas list) a pair in black. The wide waistband is amazing; it tucks everything in, but is still incredibly comfortable (I've pondering wearing them to bed). Now, the length is LONG, but I've been cuffing them and plan to get them hemmed once I do a couple washings. The only problem I've noticed with these is that there's a little pilling on the thighs, but I think that's to be expected unless you rock a thigh gap and don't eat. I ordered a small and they fit well with no knee sagging.

Yosi Samra Samara Foldable Ballet Flat

Once upon a time, I professed my love for Tieks ballet flats. SMH. I loved them, but they wore out so quickly that I'd have to replace them every season. Ain't nobody got money for that. So, I took a gamble on these (actually not a Sheaffer recommendation - found these on my own!). Perfection. Not only are they extremely comfortable out of the box - I wore them for 8 hours with no blisters - they are considerably cheaper and just as chic. I got the ballet pink and am thinking of grabbing them in black too. Or metallic! I received a ton of compliments on them, even by people I consider to be more fashionable than me, which is like, everyone.

I also bought a few other tops from Nordstrom (also Sheaffer finds) and I'm not longer spending my entire morning flinging around clothes that I don't want to wear. A few weeks ago, I sent a huge bag of stuff to Thred Up and so far, I've only received $3.00 in sales (should I be offended?), but it feels good to have a smaller closet with things I love instead of a larger one with nothing to wear.


  1. I have one of those phone vent clips too! So convenient! And inspired by your chucks, I picked up a pair of black sperry seacoast sneakers! And recently ordered a pair of black moto jean leggings because #basic, haha!

  2. Ah! I am so not a Nordstrom person (because hello $$) but you are making me want ALL of these things. We might be the same person. Have we talked about this before? We will really just want everything on your list. Even that blow dryer which I suddenly feel like I MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW. It takes 18 years to dry my hair.

    1. *I really just want. Not we will. I'm not talking about myself in the third person. Goodness.


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