Sep 14, 2016

Portland 2016

Last year we traveled to Europe twice and as I zombie-walked through customs after a 12 hour flight from Iceland, completely and utterly exhausted, I told Brandon we were staying local in 2016, as in, no overseas trips, please. Luckily, he obliged. After Texas in February, we decided to do a trip to Portland in July. It's such a short flight from California and after experiencing it, we are kicking ourselves for not going sooner.

Because Portland rocks!

The nice people, the gorgeous scenery and the hands-down best food we've ever had. We rented three different Air BnBs; a tiny house in northeast Portland, a cabin by a river in Mt. Hood, and a southeast 4-plex back in Portland. It was truly a perfect trip: city dwelling, mountains, and beach. And a lot, a lot of fried chicken. Instead of talking you all through it, I made a video!

Check her out!

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