Sep 17, 2016

It's the Freaking Weekend

RH Desk

..and I'm about to have me some fun.

Not really.

Just wanted to break up all of the Negative Nelly TTC posts. They can get hard and depressing and that's not my outlook on life, at all. I'm totally half glass full, 90% of the time. I hope to intertwine some home posts for you. We've been in our new little house since January and despite having a rough start (broken furnace, gas leaks, filthy kitchen, broken a/c and we just had a huge water leak fixed, yay!) we are really starting to feel home here. It's a huge place (1500sq ft, I think?), so we have a long ways to go in terms of furnishing, but are taking our time. It's expensive, ya'll.

First up: check out that beauty of a desk up there. Brandon got me this absolutely gorgeous desk for our anniversary, and I'm so in love. I could have killed him for spending that much, but he insisted and said 5 year anniversaries are a big deal. Well okay, then. It's from the RH Teen line and there are so many beautiful things hidden in that section of the site. I am heading to Home Goods today to scope out some accessories (like a task lamp) and of course, I made a Pinterest Board. I also need to order a chair and I think I'm pretty much sold on this Mid Century Dining Chair in Heathered Weave. Just waiting for West Elm to have a sale like they always do.

Other Things I'm Pining For:

Kendra Scott "Elisa" Pendant Necklace in Rose Drusy/Rose Gold.

This gorgeous fake Persian rug possibly for our den/TV room. And only $153!

Otomi embroidered giant pouf. Oh my word. I need this. If only I had money to burn.

One day I'll have a nursery for these Bambi sheets. Or these that say Ya'll! Or Flamingos!

Brandon goes crazy over Hamburger Helper and I refuse to make it for him, because you know, health. Well isn't today his lucky day? If Amanda approves, then I'm pretty sure it's a winner.

I also am really thinking about getting an Instant Pot. My coworkers were raving about it and in my quest to cook more at home, I think it might be a worthy investment. Anyone have one?

As for the rest of the weekend, acupuncture, meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry. Being 32 is so glamorous. I'm also gearing up for our trip to Montana next week. I am going to there for some work meetings and then staying for an extra week to drive around the state. So grateful that my job takes me to these amazing places and they don't mind Brandon tagging along!

Happy Weekending!


  1. Ah! Please let me know what you think of cheeseburger mac if you make it! It's one of our favorite meals. I actually just bought the stuff for it over the weekend. (Don't mind while I read and comment on all your posts k thanks bye.)

  2. That desk!!! So beautiful..
    And I love your home office Pinterest board!


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