Apr 10, 2016

Hello. It's Me.

Umm, yeah. Dropped the ball on blogging for a few months. I do that from time to time and I'm not really going to apologize for it. But I do miss writing and my little (I mean little) community of blogging friends, so hello again, friends.

My last post was sort of a Debbie Downer, huh? Yikes. I always tell myself that I love change. Always wanting an adventure, a way out of the humdrum work-filled lives we lead, but when something does initiate a change, I'm all "Woah nelly, didn't not plan for this". But as you can see, I survived and am happy.

We moved in January to a cute little 3 bedroom stand alone rental house (I know, so grownup). We have a big backyard (and a gardener included in the rent, thank goodness), a garage, a huge walk in closet, hardwood floors, the works, man. We are also much poorer because of it, but that is just to be expected. I should post some photos soon, because I feel like it's really coming together over here. I kind of hated our new place at first, but I won't go into the details of what it's like to spend 20+ hours deep cleaning a kitchen that has probably never seen a Lysol wipe in 8 years. It was a brutal, but it's done. And yeah, I also painted all of the grout in our bathrooms, because eww. Yellow grout that was supposed to be white, ain't having it.

Anyway, let's catch up with 2016.


Jan 2016
  • Moved into our new home on the 15th. Hired movers for the first time. Worth it. 
  • Spent a weekend in Sonoma for my company's holiday party. See photos above. Ridiculous. 
  • And, like I mentioned, spent every weekend deep cleaning the kitchen with the likes of Murphy's oil soap (amazing), these Oxo brushes, 3 containers of Lysol wipes, a gallon of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and a whole lot of elbow grease. Cried a little. No, cried a lot. 


Feb 2016

  • Texas, ya'll! We flew into Austin, ate a TON of delicious food, toured some properties (for funsies), visited family in Houston, and friends in Dallas. Stopped by Magnolia Market. 
  • Immediately flew out of Dallas and straight to NYC for business. It was cold. Didn't do much but work and eat at Chelsea Market. 
  • Returned from traveling and for the first time in years got insanely ill. Fever, lung-bursting coughing, chills, sore throat, the works. Was literally in bed for 1.5 weeks and had the most severe case of cabin fever I've ever had. Was dying to go back to work. Tried one day and they sent me home. It was a low point. 

March 2016

  • Ah finally, some normalcy. Hung around the house, did more deep cleaning and decorating. Brandon printed out a lot of our travel photos, which he framed and hung. The above photo he took in Iceland and it is gorgeous. I cannot wait to go back there someday.
  • Went on a long hike with Brandon and admired how truly gorgeous CA is when it finally gets a little bit of rain. Keep it coming, weather man!
Which brings us up to the here and now. We are planning our summer vacation to Portland; Powell's Books, good coffee (we turned into Aeropress coffee drinkers!), hiking, and living it up in an official tiny house. We are also trying to think of what we want to do for our 5 year anniversary this year; Montana, Vail, Canada, Alaska (again?). Not sure where we'll end up, but it's fun to think about the possibilities.

I'm working a lot, but that's normal for me and I've been trying really hard to get back into the fitness game despite my busy schedule. We have an extra bedroom in our house that we've set up with some hand weights and yoga mats, so I try to use it when I can. I also enjoy just getting to zone out on the treadmill with Pandora. I joined one of those tiny 24/7 no frills gyms and it's great. So yeah, no set plan, just doing what I feel like and trying to get in at least 3 workouts a week.

This post just took me two hours to write, so I'm out of here. Laundry awaits.

p.s. Apparently Snapchat is what all of the cool kids are doing. My username is mariafalls.


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