Dec 13, 2015

Moving. Again.

You guys. I'm so glad I didn't waste any of my TV time to give you more house tours. Those posts take a lot of time to write and getting good photos inside when you are too lazy to break out the tripod is sort of impossible. So happy that I was lazy.

Because we are moving. Again.

To be perfectly honest, I wish I could say it was to someplace cool, like say Seattle, Colorado, or Austin, but nope. We are staying local. Someday we'll move away from here, but today is not that day. Sadly. Though who knows? Grass is always greener, huh.

I've written before about the crazy crazy real estate market in the Bay Area, so I won't beat that dead horse again, but truly, it's absurd. It is; however, quite good for home owners who bought 10 years know, people like our landlord. He told us recently that he's decided to sell and well, the sooner the better. We have been sort of joking about this happening (obviously didn't think it actually would) when we saw other townhouse units in our neighborhood go for 300k more than asking. Tech bubble, you can stop now, thanks.

We have two months to search for a new rental and move out. Our drop dead date to find something is end of February, but I hope we can get settled someplace after we get back from our Christmas trip to Virginia. I've already started the Craigslist hunt and man of man is it depressing out there in rental land.

How does all this make me feel? Well, I've obviously gushed so much about how I love our new place, so I'm pretty sad and disappointed. I love our neighborhood, my commute, our kitchen, having a garage...pretty much everything about our new little home. So yeah, pretty bummed over here. To be perfectly upfront, I've been having trouble sleeping and eating because it's been on my mind so much.

Despite that, we are trying to stay confident that we'll find something we love even more. It doesn't have to have fancy appliances or state of the art surround sound system (we never used that anyway). It doesn't need custom cabinets or expensive fixtures (that are impossible to keep clean). It just needs to be a place where we feel at home and comfortable. We just want to feel settled. We never got to a settled point here mostly because we never felt like that was our house. Brandon joked that it's like we are living in a 9 month Air BnB.

I guess that's the risk you take when renting. You never quite feel at home and someone can kick you out at the drop of a hat (or end of your lease). You kind of just feel like you are living in someone else's house (because well, you are).

So with that being said, I'm ready for the dust to settle on this news and looking forward to seeing what else we can get. I for one, know that I wouldn't complain about having A/C in the middle of summer and maybe just a tad bit more bathroom storage/counter space...

In light of the holiday season, I'm well-aware that I should be focusing on what really matters: family, health, friends, etc. So I'm trying to combat the stress with yoga, many cups of hot tea, and counting my blessings instead of sheep. Bing Crosby is a genius.

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  1. Ugh what total a bummer! :\ But just stay positive and I'm sure you will find something soon enough! If not, you're always welcome with me in Maastricht if you need a place to stay ;)


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