Oct 11, 2015

October Updates

You know what I hate? I hate when bloggers say that they are going to give you a full house tour, show you exactly one room, and fall off the face of the earth.


Keeping up with this hobby blog is pretty low on my list of priorities these days, even though I do have the best of intentions. There are more important things going on right now like Netflix and sleeping. Mostly sleeping.

But, I had an urge to blog today, so here are a few updates from my world:

// House Related

Remember that sofa we purchased when we first moved in?

PB Leona Coffee Table

We sold it.

Here's what happened: We were in Crate and Barrel a few weekends ago looking for dining room chairs. The Lounge sofa happened to be on display and as soon as I walked in I immediately threw myself down on it in an embarrassing dramatic fashion. Ten minutes pass and I decided I never wanted to get up. Brandon took one look at my pleading face and in the sake of knowing me for the past 13 years knew exactly what he needed to say,"Okay, okay. We'll sell the old one and buy this one.".

Crate and Barrel Lounge Cement

So while the old sofa is pretty...it's also kind of hard and uncomfortable. We broke all of the sofa buying rules when we purchased it (buying custom without ever sitting on it, buying quickly since it was on sale, rushing the customization process and not getting the depth we wanted) and haven't been truly happy with it since. The linen fabric was also not durable and we had to be careful not to spill even a drop of water on it. It was a formal living room sofa, not a TV room sofa.

Last week we put it up on Craiglist and said goodbye. Luckily, we didn't lose too much money on it since it was still so new. We also had over $500 gift cards for C&B leftover from our wedding which went towards the new sofa purchase and four dining room chairs.

It'll be here at the end of November, so until then, we are watching TV laying on an air mattress in the living room. We are classy like that.

// Travel Related

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that we took a huge once-in-lifetime trip to Iceland in September for our four year wedding anniversary.

Iceland Glacier Lake


Iceland Rainbow

I need to do recaps, but I seriously don't think I possess any words that can describe the magic of Iceland, so I might just do a couple photo dumps. It was truly unlike any other place we've been.

As far as upcoming travel...I'm kind of happy to say that nothing major is in the cards right now. I'm a little burnt out of planes, trains, and automobiles.  We are heading to Apple Hill in Sacramento next month and then home to Virginia for Christmas after that. As far as 2016 travel goes, we're going to road trip all over Texas! Brandon has family in Houston that I've never met, my friend just moved to Dallas, and we are going to hit up Austin in between, because well...Austin.

// Fitness and Health Related

Umm, I plead the 5th?

When we moved in May, we left behind a really awesome apartment complex gym. It was included in our rent and just a short walk away. Because of this (and the fact that the machines had TVs with cable), I used it on a fairly regular basis.

So while I love that we have a new house that is not an apartment, I really miss the  gym amenity. Sure, we do have a garage I can work out in and a huge living room for at home workouts, but I completely lack any sort of motivation to get myself going. Anyone have any tips to get back into working out or fun at home workouts? Cheesy motivation quotes? I feel like I'm starting from the beginning here. I tried to do some pushups the other day and it was a joke.

// Food Related

American Chop Suey

While I don't turn on the oven or stove every night, I have been trying to make more use out of our new kitchen. Here's what regularly on the menu and a few new recipes you should try immediately:
  • Frittata: I've been making a frittata about every Sunday night for dinner and heating up leftovers for breakfast the whole week. I highly recommend this. 
  • Fruit salad: Also on Sundays, I try to cut up a bunch of fresh fruit (whatever is in season) and dump it in a giant bowl with some mint, lime juice and a bit of honey. I feast on that all week. It's refreshing.
  • American Chop Suey: I love some comfort food and I found this recipe over the summer and it was delicious. Definitely cut it in half though. This feeds an army. 
  • Back on Track Green Monster: I stopped liking bananas about a year ago. Not sure what happened, but I cannot stand them anymore. So I was really happy to find a fantastic smoothie recipe that doesn't call for a banana. Angela always delivers. 

Going to leave this post at that. It's Sunday, my laundry is done and put away, fridge is stocked, house is clean, and Fixer Upper awaits. 

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