Jul 16, 2015

The Living Room

House tour! First thoughts: taking photos of interior rooms is HARD. I started with Brandon's widescape lens, but it was far too slow. I had so much trouble with lighting and getting a fast shutter speed, despite the fact that our place has great natural light most of the day. So if these photos are crappy, it's because I gave up. I guess if I were to take this a bit more seriously, I'd use our tripod and some reflectors, but there's no need to get crazy here. Especially since our house is far from design magazine worthy. Like Pluto-far.

Let's start with the living room. 

Living room

Ah, you gorgeous sofa. Like I mentioned before, we love our new sofa, at least look-wise. It's not the most uncomfortable piece of furniture we own, but it's also not the most comfortable and umm, shouldn't it be? As I mentioned here, they didn't make it to our specifications and won't let us return it. We are still debating on whether to sell or not. We bought it for $1650 and got an offer for $1300, but being only a month old, it hurts inside to lose hundreds on it off the bat. I think with some cozy throws and new pillows, we may grow to like it. We'll see. Though we are keeping a lookout for a replacement if we can find one. Do not rush into buying custom furniture friends!

The rug is from West Elm (the Vines rug in neutral) and we absolutely adore it. So soft. So gorgeous. I wish I had a closeup. We bought an 8x10, based on the designer's recommendation (West Elm has free designers you can work with and they give you free shipping on your orders, so definitely check them out), but I almost wish we had gone for the 9x12. Still beautiful though and our favorite new purchase so far. It was on sale when we bought it and we have 15% off coupon, so I think it was under $500. Such a steal for a large area rug.

The coffee table will be going, hopefully sooner rather than later. It's an old Ikea one and it's too big and bulky for the space. We are hoping to replace it with a smaller, glass coffee table. We love the Leona coffee table from Pottery Barn.

We also need to add curtains and art for the walls, but we'll save those for last.

Living room

Here's the other view. We are going to purchase a new larger TV (waiting for a good deal) and mount it on the wall, which means the ugly Ikea TV stand will be replaced with a console. I really want something vintage or rustic looking to add texture to the space.

One of the cool things about our place is that it comes with a media closet (where we store our DVD player), built in surround sound and the wall is all ready for a TV to be mounted. The Type A in me loves that there will be absolutely no cords showing at all once we mount. Cannot wait!

Living room

The opposite side of the living room is a little office nook. Brandon opted to have his office upstairs, so for now this is pretty much a bookcase showroom :)

We'll eventually put a desk by the window and we'd like to make the right corner a little reading area for me with a leather chair, ottoman, and reading lamp.

The closet holds our board games, shoes, coats, and other random things.


Seriously, how many bookshelves do two people possibly need? I must admit that Brandon did an excellent job styling this. I had no part of it, besides making sure my Little House on the Prairie books made the cut. I've had those since elementary school.

So that's our little living room. It's not the coziest spot in the world, but I'm hoping to warm it up with some throws, fuzzy pillows, photos on the walls (I'd like to get some of Brandon's photos printed) and better lamps. It'll get there.

I cannot wait to see what it looks like with a Christmas tree in the corner and some garland and white lights on the stairs. Is it too early to be thinking about that? Never.


  1. I love it! Sorry again about your sofa, but it definitely looks very fancy :) and you can't have too many bookshelves! Fact.

  2. Looks great! So happy for your new space! But boo hiss to the sofa situation!

  3. Awesome! It looks like such a great space! Everything looks so perfectly finished and new. I can totally picture the desk and reading area. And as I said before I love the bookcase Brandon styled! I can't believe he did that, it's very pinterest-worthy ;) I hope I'll be able to come see it all in person soon! Oh and if you need me to go decor shopping with you, just fly me in! I can definitely fit that into my schedule ;)

  4. I love this room! What a bummer about the sofa though! Love the neutral, calming colors you have going on! And in my opinion you can't have too many bookshelves!

    1. Thank you! It's definitely a work in progress. My goal is to start with neutrals and then hopefully add in some more color with accents and pillows. We shall see. I'm a newb!


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