Jul 24, 2015

Meet Leona

Before I give more house tours, I thought I'd pop in with an update on the living room. As I mentioned, I really wanted to purchase the Pottery Barn Leona coffee table...so I did. And they ship fast, man!

PB Leona Coffee Table

Meet Leona. She's sleek. She's clean. She's brassy. She's very adult.

In a classy kind of way.

PB Leona Coffee Table

Here's what we had before. Ugh.

Living room

Let's call him Leonard. Leona's chunky, grumpy brother.

An improvement, right?

PB Leona Coffee Table

I just worked with what I had in terms of putting stuff on this little coffee table. I am sure it'll evolve over time, but for now, a rustic tray (Crate and Barrel clearance), some coasters, a succulent, and a book will have to do. One thing I do love about this table is that it allows us to see more of the rug. It's too pretty to hide.

Confession: I'm not really enjoying decorating our house as much as I thought I would. It's actually kind of stressful. Maybe I need to start pulling it all together with art and curtains and 500+ photos of us to make it feel more cozy, but right now, if I had the money to hire someone to come and finish it, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Or if any of you with any design sense whatsoever wants to offer your services to me, I do know how to make cookies.

West Elm Throw

Oh and one last thing! My mom bought me this ridiculously soft throw from West Elm (on sale for $10 right now!) for Christmas and while it reads brown in these photos, it's actually a really pretty plum gray color. So I added that to the living room, too.  We're getting there folks.

But I want your ideas. What makes a home a home? What can I add to make our space feel a little more us and a little more welcoming? I still feel like I'm definitely living in someone else's house (though I do enjoy it very much!). 


  1. Leona is absolutely gorgeous! :D The combination of styles is very cool and creative! Th throw is also really nice and goes really well with everything else, good move Dooble! ;)

    Art or pictures on the walls definitely helps make a home feel more like home I think, but they can be hard to decide on and expensive, so usually I think it's best to save these for the very last finishing touches. See what really works with the room when the rest of it is all finished. That being said you could buy or make some inexpensive temporary decorations (hello pinterest!) for now. That will also help you decide what you like and don't like. Add more throw pillows (buying throwpillows is HARD so bring the pillowcases or very good pictures of the ones you already have). And lastly, what I think always helps too is to literally add life to a room: plants and flowers! Lots of flowers and plants. For example, get a little olive tree to put in the corner and place a couple of orchids in stylish flowerpots in your window! Fresh cut flowers in a vase are never a bad investment either!

    Oh and sometimes when you move into a new home you feel like it doesn't feel like home exactly yet and unknowingly you adapt the way you use the space to how your feel. You may find yourself at the kitchen table when you really just wanna plop down on the couch. So my advice would also be: take a Saturday, hang out in your living room, watch all your favourite movies or shows that Netflix has to offer with some couch-staining-danger-free snacks, and "live" in your living room! :)

    It's always better to take is slow and only buy things you really want than to feel like you have to fill up the space and just buy whatever you think might work and you end up not caring for the end result! So hang in there!

    1. You're right. Just getting something (anything!) on the walls will help. I might buy some prints from Etsy to start and build from there. Art.com has a lot of great ones too and Framebridge will frame them for you. We have loved buying plants and I have managed to keep my succulents alive, so I think I'll pick up more of those from Trader Joe's.

      I do need to just "live in it" because I've been so busy with work and travel, I haven't actually had a day where I could just relax and watch a movie on our sofa. And we don't have a dining room table yet, but I think we are going to buy one today (so exciting!), so that'll be a another place to add some greenery. Cannot have enough plants.

      I am definitely overthinking every choice and I think we just need to keep buying things that appeal to us and it'll all come together collectively. I wanted to stick to a "theme", but that seems kind of forced and unnatural, so now it's just picky pretty stuff as I go along.

      Thank you for your help!

  2. Man I've been in my house for 3 years and I'm still trying to figure that out. Just give it time! Things will fall into place!


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