Jul 15, 2015

Boulder, Colorado: Part 2

[ Part 1: our inn and delicious eats ]

One of our travel goals is to visit every single National Park in the U.S. While, we've been to Colorado numerous times, until this trip, we had yet to check off Rocky Mountain National Park. Done and done. This park ranks right up there with Denali National Park in Alaska. We think they could be neck in neck for the top spot.

Just look:

Mount Idea Trail

Brandon is not only notorious for never allowing us to take public transportation on vacations (We once walked from Chelsea Market to The Met in New York. It was a record breaking FitBit day.), he's also pretty famous for picking the most strenuous hikes. That boy doesn't mess around.

Mount Ida Trail

He chose Mt. Ida for our introductory Rocky Mountain National Park hike. Eight miles round trip. Highest elevation: 12,000 feet.

Mount Ida Trail

For the most part, I put on a brave face and went for it, having a few "whyyyyy must you pick the hardest hikes eeeeever?" meltdowns, but I was eating my words later when I saw some of the most fantastic views I've ever seen in my life.

Mount Ida Trail

Mount Ida Trail

Moun Ida Trail

And if the views weren't enough, it was pretty much a zoo up there on the mountain. We saw dozens of bighorn sheep, marmots and elk.

Big Horned Sheep


Big Horned Sheep

"Crazy man with a camera at 9 o'clock. Let's move out, boys."



No big deal.


While we didn't reach the true top of Mount Ida (to be honest, I'm happy, because I heard it included rock scrambling. Gah.) due to a fast approaching lightning storm, we definitely had a satisfying hike.


If you are in Boulder and do not have time to make the drive to Rocky Mountain (which you really should make time. Really.), El Dorado Canyon has some nice hikes, too. We did a short one called Rattlesnake Loop. The elevation was easier to handle here and by the grace of God, we didn't see a single rattlesnake. How he convinces me to do these hikes is beyond me.

El Dorado Canyon State Park

For the less adventurous folks (come stand by me), another attraction near Boulder is a small town called Nederland, which coincidentally is the Dutch name for Netherlands (and we just got back from there! Netherlands, we love you!). Nederland doesn't have too much to offer, but they do have a $1 carousel ride that was worth the drive.

It's a hand carved wooden carousel and incredibly charming.

Carousel of Happiness

We were the only people without children to ride and I ripped my favorite maxi skirt getting on my pig, but good times. Good times.

Carousel of Happiness

So that's a wrap, Boulder. We'll see you again someday. Pretty sure of it.

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  1. Oh my gosh those views! Amazing.. I miss hiking. I miss America! Great pictures :)

    And ha! Nederland. Funny :P


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