Jun 22, 2015


I've seen this little survey make its way around the blogosphere lately and I'm always a sucker for posts that write themselves and for a way to share what's going on in my life these days.

Current Book/Confession:

P.S. I Still Love You

I am a huge fan of YA writer Jenny Han. She writes contemporary fiction for the 13 year old girl in me who never read this genre at that age. I was more into historical fiction back in those days. Such a nerd. Her "Summer" series was especially juicy and dramatic and a great beach read last year, but this particular series has the absolute best character development. Lara Jean was just as awkward and innocent as I was in high school with boys and I find her character refreshing. Most people don't write books about the good girls in high school.

Anyway, P.S. I Still Love You is the followup book of To All The Boys I've Loved Before. I know, these titles are ridiculous, but the writer makes you fall in love with every single character. And while the titles suggest otherwise, these books are just as much about family as they are teenage crushes. It's a nice mixture of both with a lot of wit and humor thrown in. Highly suggest for a light and warm fuzzy read.

Current Favorite Beauty Product

M.A.C. False Lashes in Extreme Black

I received sample of this mascara a few weeks ago and just tried it out. Oh my goodness. Despite what the name suggests, it produces really natural long, smooth, and full lashes and absolutely zero clumps. None. Nada. It's amazing and I went out this weekend to buy the full tube. I was a die hard fan of Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes, but it really does not compare this new find. Also, it was my first time in a M.A.C. store. They had a DJ and a girl with bubble gum pink hair. I felt so out of place.

Current Frustration

Our new custom sofa fail.

I could write a whole post about this (and I just might, you've been fairly warned), but we've had such a horrible time dealing with the furniture salesman from the place we purchased our custom sofa. When the sofa was delivered we loved it. We were so happy to finally have a place to lounge after selling our old sofa in less than 20 minutes on Craiglist. Yoga mats and picnic blankets are not great substitutes for sofas, by the way. So anyway, we loved the look, but quickly realized that they made it wrong (the measurements we gave them do not match the ones we received). We've been calling them, emailing them, and we even went to the store last weekend and we aren't getting anywhere. They refuse to let us return it. And their salesman said he'd come by tonight to take a look. We came home early to wait for him, but he never showed. Not even a phone call. We aren't sure what to do next, though I have a great Yelp essay forming in my head right now...

Current Obsession

Cooking in my new kitchen.

Okay, so I would never have chosen those color cabinets or countertops (totally not my style), but I freaking love this kitchen. From the deep sink, fancy dishwasher, ridiculous amounts of cabinet space, deep drawers, and professional range and convection oven, I'm so in love. We recently joined Blue Apron (they didn't pay me to type that) to get in the groove of cooking here and I find myself making meals at 9pm, not out of hunger, but just because I want to use my kitchen. Oh and it has both natural light and undermount lights. Kitchen light is so important. Really, it's a dream and I wish I could invite you all over for a dinner party except we still don't have a dining room table (and will probably be -1 sofa soon, I hope).

Current Wanderlust

Boulder, Colorado

Flat Iron Hike

After a really stressful May for the both of us at work (on top of moving), we decided to treat ourselves to a long weekend in Boulder. We booked a cute little B&B room on Pearl Street and don't really have much else planned but some restaurants and a hike or two. We leave on Thursday and as I told my coworkers, there's a strong possibility that we might stay there :)


Bedtime: now
Drink: loose leaf lemon ginger green tea I picked up in The Netherlands
Food: ramen noodles, from a legit restaurant, not the cup.
Blog: Chris Loves Julia - house inspiration!
Twitter Feed: Dave Pell - hilarious.
Trend: jogger pants - no need to hem
Discovery: Waze app


  1. I keep seeing that book everywhere! I need to get that at the library. Love your kitchen! It's gorgeous! Sorry about your sofa fail. Sounds super annoying.

    1. Definitely annoying, but trying to take it in stride. Ikea, why did we ever stray from you?

  2. What a nightmare with your sofa! But it is gorgeous! Is it too big or too small?


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