May 10, 2015

5 Things I've Learned About Moving So Far

1. Those giant blue Ikea bags are better (and cheaper) than moving boxes.  

I managed to round up some boxes from my office, but not nearly enough to hold all of our stuff. So it was either finding more boxes or buying them, which is not exactly cheap. So I had the idea of heading to Ikea yesterday morning at opening (because if you go any other time on a Saturday, you're screwed) to grab some organizational items and 10 $1 reusable Ikea bags. They hold so much stuff and with two choices of handles, are easy to move. Sure, you cannot stack them, but we plan to move a few carloads to our place starting Wednesday night, so it's no big deal. Pats self on back.

2. This is not the time or place to make your spouse practice KonMari.

It's totally unfair for me to keep things that spark my joy (prints, old greeting cards, etc.) and make my husband give up things that spark his joy (three years of National Geographic and computer game boxes). Let's put this on hold and pick it back up after we move. Mmmkay?

3. It's kind of like Christmas. 

Not only did I find my lost car title (woo!), but I also found my birth certificate (probably shouldn't have "lost" that) and a $50 savings bond I won in high school! I also forgot I owned a gravy boat. See? Christmas!

4. Your apartment may have felt tiny all these years, but you managed to cram it full of more stuff than you imagined. 

Our last apartment (before this one) was our first apartment since relocating to California. Since we had only two carloads of stuff when we drove West, moving to our current place back then was literally a piece of cake. We were done by Saturday afternoon and enjoyed pizza on the coffee table by 3pm, all boxes unpacked. Easy-peasy. And then there's now:

6 years. 2 bridal showers. A wedding. 6 Christmas. 12 birthdays...we pretty much tripled all of our stuff. Now you know why we need #2.

5. You will suddenly forget all the things you disliked about your current place. You will lose your mind. 

Wait, why are we moving again? Is it worth this hassle? We had so many great memories here. This feels like home. So what if our kitchen is tiny and we have only one bathroom that we fight over constantly. So what if we have to go over six annoying speed bumps to get to our parking spaces and have to lug heavy groceries up the stairs. So what if the traffic is noisy and we have no dining room? It would be just easier to stay. Let's just stay.

p.s. I'm starting my Netherlands recaps soon - in between this moving mess -  and cannot wait to share the photos of this gorgeous country! In the meantime, check out the Google Story I made with my phone photos. 


  1. I'm cracking up. This is about to be our life in a few weeks. We have so much stuff and I don't know how we fit it all into our apartment! Good grief.

  2. Totally get you! I miss you... we need to catch up!!

  3. Um I'm with Brittany! This makes me want to catch up and find out all about your move and life! <3

    1. Also I always forget to click the "notify me" box, so I'm commenting just to check it. :)


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