Mar 8, 2015

Wanderlusting 2015

As I did last year, I wanted to highlight some of our planned trips for 2015. It's a big year for us. I've been wanting to go to Europe for quite some time (Brandon has been to Ireland for some work trips), but it always seemed a bit too daunting to plan and not to mention, expensive. Finally, a few things fell into place and we realized that there was no better time than the present.

I mentioned this last year as well, but it's worth repeating: we prefer to spend our money on experiences rather than things. Travel is our way of doing that and I am extremely grateful that we get to see more of world!

April/May - Virginia and The Netherlands

The Netherlands

First of all, my best friend is having her first baby (in 4 more weeks!) and we are making a pit stop in Virginia to meet him! We are hanging out with her little family one evening, staying with my mom for a night, and having dinner with Brandon's family before we jet off to The Netherlands!

Emma and her family are playing tour guides to us while there and what better guides to have than the Dutch themselves? We have a few days planned in Rotterdam, where they live, a few days in Maastricht, and we end our trip in Amsterdam. Emma and I just realized tonight that we'll be in the country for the biggest holiday of year: King's Day! I have my orange cardigan ready and waiting, Emma!

We toyed with the idea of visiting another country (besides The Netherlands) since we are flying half way across the world, but it would have been hard to fit it in one week and most of all, we really want to try and do one country at a time; quality over quantity. I feel like we'll get a much better sense of a particular country's culture rather than hopping from one European city to the next.

I plan to share more of our lodging after we've completed the trip, but I must say that Air BnBs are freaking adorable in European countries. So much old world character! I cannot wait to give you a tour of the apartment we rented in Amsterdam. It was also less than half the price of hotels there!

June/July/August - The West Coast (Northern CA, Oregon)

Portland, Oregon

Since most of our beans are going towards The Netherlands and Iceland (see below), we'll probably stay local for the summer. I might try to swing back to Virginia to see the family for a long weekend, but otherwise, we'll stay put. We've been meaning to do some hiking in Sequoia National Park, so we may do a weekend there and I've been really interested in visiting more of Oregon or Northern California (the Yreka area). No shortage of options on the West Coast. But, since we plan on (hopefully) moving around this time, we might end up just taking trips to Target :) Not that there's anything wrong with that...

September - Iceland


Planning a road trip in an another country is not the easiest thing we've ever done. Like we did in Alaska, we are renting a car in Iceland and following half of the "The Ring Road" around the island, staying at different inns each night. It has involved some serious planning; we have a three page spreadsheet of research, a detailed itinerary and a custom Google Map.

While I'm not thrilled about the culinary offerings in Iceland (I like fish, just not for every single meal...), I am excited about the things to do and places to see. We'll be visiting geysers, doing waterfall hikes, maybe some horseback riding and if our timing is right and the stars align (literally) we'll see the Northern Lights! Most of the inns we booked have a service where they will call your room in the middle of the night if the Lights come out. We won't even have to sit out all night to catch them! As with The Netherlands, the lodging options are amazing. I had a great time picking out our rooms and admiring the modern finishes. Cannot wait to share those with you.

October/November/December - Home for the Holidays

I feel like we'll be ready to put up our suitcases away by the time fall rolls around. At least I will. You never know about this husband of mine. As we do each year, we'll fly home to Virginia for the holidays and I'm sure by then, it'll be a free flight! At least I hope so. Good grief.

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  1. Oh my gosh I cannot wait for you guys to get here!! It's going to be so much fun! I really think you have an awesome trip planned. And of course King's Day is going to be super fun!! :D

    I bet Iceland will be amazing too and exploring more off the West coast sounds great as well! You should go to Portland! I hear the dream of the 90's is alive there, and they like to put birds on things ;)

    1. Portland may be on the agenda! I've been meaning to fly up there since it's really close (by air) and supposedly gorgeous with all of the water. Portlandia <3

  2. This post makes me want to call a travel agent right now! :) We have a vacation planned for September but I definitely have the travel bug!! This long, cold winter has me doing all kinds of research for places to go!

    1. I hope you can find someplace warm to jet off to! It's funny, since we live in CA, so we tend to gravitate towards colder climates (yes, we are insane) whereas our East Coast friends long for the beach.

  3. I cannot WAIT to read about Iceland. It's on my bucket list for sure! (The airport doesn't do it justice. ;) )


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