Mar 13, 2015

Confessions of an ISFJ

I'm obsessed with the MTBI. The first time I took the test (the real version that takes forever and costs money) was in my Organizational Psych class in undergrad and I've taken various versions countless times since (I'm always the same type, FYI). If it were my world, I'd make everyone walk around with their MTBI type listed printed on their forehead so I knew how to interact with them. I think it would make the world a better place.

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Take this test. I'll wait.

Confessions of an ISFJ (Introverted - Sensing - Feeling - Judging)
  1. I hate parties. I truly hate big, loud, crowded parties or anyplace (bars or loud restaurants) where you cannot have a conversation with someone because it's too loud and there's singing and dancing and all sorts of craziness. We attend our company holiday parties each year and Brandon and I are usually the first to arrive (party geeks) and first to leave (we'll at least wait until they serve dessert). Then we go home and simultaneously let out a sigh of relief. I don't know why we keep going. 
  2. I don't hate people though. I love small get togethers with a few friends where I can really get to know them and have meaningful conversations. Think games nights, cook-outs, ordering pizza, or bowling. Three is a not a crowd to me. I prefer three people in case there's a lull in conversation and someone else is there to pick it up.  I hate awkward lulls. 
  3. Being alone is the greatest thing in the world. After a lot of people-stimulation, I need to regain my energy by being alone. And I mean alone-alone. Like in my bed with my laptop or book. Driving by myself on a back road. It's totally refreshing to me. Brandon often goes hiking alone (when I'm not feeling up to it) and we are both super happy afterwards. I'm able to spend some time with Netflix and my Kindle and he is able to be alone to do his photography thing without my nagging. We are not the type of couple who has to spend 24/7 together because he's an introvert too. 
  4. I don't have a lot of friends and I'm okay with that. If you are friends with me, you are probably one the very few people I allow in my inner circle. I prefer a small amount of quality friendships over having a ton of acquaintances. 
  5. I like directions. A lot. They are made to be followed. Brandon and I were putting together our new Restoration Hardware fan last year and I of course, did not want to touch anything until I had read the directions. Then I had to read them again. And again. When the directions were not working for us (a Google search told us they were flat out wrong), I totally lost my mind. Thank goodness he's an N and was able to figure out that stupid fan without directions. It still bothers me to this day that those directions were wrong. Shame on you, RH. Shame on you. 
  6. I write the longest dang emails in the world. My boss will ask a simple question and I'll be able to answer with three paragraphs of information and facts and I'll throw in some history for good measure. Details and context are so so important to me and I want to make sure she has them all. I'm sure I annoy the heck of out her. Shoot, I annoy myself. 
  7. I'm a procrastinating perfectionist. I will put off projects (beside unpacking - because I'm also a neat-freak) if they seem too daunting to me or I don't have enough information to get started. But when I do get started, you better believe I'll want to do them right - perfectly right. This is why I cannot stick to any exercise plan (procrastinating exercise is my speciality) and when I do stick to one, I beat myself up if I don't follow it exactly (perfectionist) and then I end up hating it.  Hence, why I don't work out much anymore. 
  8. I have an insecure attachment to my to-do list. It baffles my mind when people cannot keep themselves organized. How do they function in this world? How did they get through school? How do they hold down a job? How do they raise kids and grocery shop? I have heart palpitations if I lose my to-do list at work, but since I'm uber-organized, I rarely, if ever, lose it. 
  9. Bored is not apart of my vocabulary. The word just never crosses my mind. I don't need a lot of stimulation to be content and things that may bore others (being at home with no place to go, for instance), is my cup of tea. If I need something to do, there's always a book to read, cleaning to be done, something to be organized or some old movie that I need to watch for the 20th time (most likely by John Hughes or Nancy Meyers). 
  10. I'm not supposed to get along with my husband (but I do). He's an INTJ. His view of the world is entirely different than mine. He's objective and methodical and rarely ever considers other people's feelings. Business is business. If someone says something cruel to him, it will not bother him in the least. Anyway, he's supposed to be my (ISFJ) enemy, but I think we learn a lot from each other. I tell him when he needs to soften up a bit and he tells me when I'm being too sensitive or daydreamy. At least we like things organized and give each other our alone time!
I'm a piece of work, huh? If you took the test or know your type from previously taking this test, leave it below! I find it just so incredibly fascinating...


  1. Loved this -- find this stuff very fascinating too. I am a ESFP, and think it is pretty much spot on for me too.

  2. I took it and got ISTJ. I feel like I occassionally get other results but most frequently get ISTJ. Sounds about right. I'm thinking I need to make Ale take this.


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