Feb 9, 2015

Off to a Good Start

I suddenly realized today how much I missed my little space here, despite not having anything notable to share with my adoring audience of five. Here's an update:

In April I'll be meeting my best friend's new baby and visiting Emma in The Netherlands. It'll be a big month. The plan is to stop in Virginia for a few days (where my best friend lives) and then it's off to the land of windmills, wooden shoes, and tulips! We are hoping we catch the tail end of tulip season in Holland (Brandon just invested in a new landscape lens for this purpose) and make a quick trip to Paris to eat macaroons and take selfies by the Eiffel Tower. It's my first time visiting Europe and I'm beyond excited! The hotels there are really adorable and we are so lucky to have Emma and her family there to give us the inside scoop on everything Dutch.

Our lease is up in June and I think we'll be finally moving into a bigger space if we can find one. We are generally optimistic, though it's not 2008 anymore and prices are crazy.  As tempting as it is to try to buy a place and call it our own, we don't plan to live in the Bay Area long term, so it just doesn't make sense. In the meantime, having more than one bathroom would be a nice improvement :)

In September, we are making yet another (half) trip across the Atlantic to spend a week driving around Iceland. We loved loved loved Alaska and wanted to do a similar Northern trip again this year. I've already been checking out the Air BnBs and they are so cool - literally and figuratively. Northern Lights, I'm coming for ya!

In non-big news:

These comfort bras are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Speaking of bras, I am pretty sure you (and I) are wearing the wrong size. This Reddit thread is eye opening and very helpful.

You bet I ordered this book. I have the entire series of Little House books from when I was in 4th grade and they are so loved the pages are falling out and the covers are taped up. Sometimes, I still pull out The Long Winter and read it in two days.

If you caught me on Instagram, this year we celebrated Brandon's 33rd birthday with cat wrapping paper (underneath was new Patagonia luggage that I'll be stealing from him), drove north for a long weekend of snowshoeing in Mt. Shasta, and dressed up for my company's holiday party.

2015, we are off to a good start.


  1. Yaaah Holland! I can't wait for you guys to get here! It's going to be so much fun! :D Paris is amazing too, I might have some tips for you there as well! When you guys move into a bigger place, maybe Jayme and I can come visit and you can show us all around San Francisco and the Google campus! ;) It's going to be super gezellig!!

    1. We are so excited! We should find a time to meet and go over our itinerary. Brandon wants to try and visit Bruges in Belgium on our way to Paris and of course, I really want to see Maastricht. I don't know how we'll do it all :)

      Ahahha. Yes! So much gezellig!

  2. What a fun year of trips you have planned! Holland is gorgeous! I loved visiting there in college, almost a decade ago now! (Time flies!) And Paris, you can't go wrong with Paris. All I know about Iceland is their airport was quite easy to navigate (layover). I hope to get back there and you know, actually exit the airport building -- one day!

    1. What's really funny is that we have a layover in Iceland on our way to Holland! I couldn't take off two weeks at a time or we would have done both. At least we'll get a taste of it before we go back in September!

  3. Wow what a fun year of traveling! You guys really do it right :)


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