Dec 7, 2014

The Past Three Months

So where did I leave off?


Brandon and I flew to Telluride Colorado at the end of September with some friends. It was a very low key trip, but had us falling in love with Colorado even more than our previous trips. The aspen trees were bright yellow, the air was crisp, the sky was littered with puffy white clouds and we saw a double rainbow. It really takes no convincing for us to pack up and move there one day.


We made our annual trip to the Petaluma Corn Maize and spent 1.5 hours navigating our way through the crop. On the 27th, I celebrated my 31st birthday with dinner at The Mountain House in Woodside and a couple slices of Susie's Cake. I have zero thoughts on turning 31 besides, "Holy Heck"!


Brian and Megan invited us to Apple Hill, a cozy fall apple orchard crawl in Placerville. We spent the morning sampling all the pies and cakes and apple goodies. Always a salty person, I loved the apple cured beef jerky I picked up and Brandon discovered sour cream blueberry apple pie and has been talking about it since.

Which brings up to Thanksgiving: I flew home to Virginia. I haven't been home for the holiday in about three years! It was nice not to be the only person responsible for making the entire dinner and of course, having family around to share it with. My brothers made a sous vide turkey, which is quite possibly the juiciest turkey I've ever had. We spent the rest of the weekend watching Christmas movies, shopping, and playing board games. Note: playing Cards Against Humanity with your mom...not recommended. Who knew?

I'm about 90% done with my Christmas shopping (I started in October) and tonight we made a batch of Lebkuchen cookie dough to bake next weekend. I worked all day yesterday, so my boss encouraged me to take tomorrow off, but I kind of like my job, I'm heading into the office anyways. It's been a long time since I could say that.

These past few months, I've left my camera at home to collect dust, deleted my Facebook account, and have been focusing a lot on my career and living more in the present. I've been trying to practice Intuitive Eating, bought an almost entirely new fall wardrobe, spent way too much money at Sephora on eye creams, and discovered Pilates, which I've been obsessed with in a weird way. Life hasn't been perfect and certainly has had its ups and downs, but it's definitely been good.

Until next time...

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  1. You had some busy months, lady! So happy to hear that life has been so good to you lately. Can't wait to catch up sometime soon!


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