Oct 4, 2014

Out with the Old?

Old Beauty

Now that our fall trips are wrapped up, I am really excited about spending the next five or so weekends at home. Travel is obviously a passion, but I have a great appreciation for lazy Sunday mornings and not living out of a suitcase. My apartment is also a hot mess so there's that to tend to as well. I am asking for a house cleaner for my birthday. You know you are getting old when...

[Insert witty transition. I've got nothing.]

I recently noticed that some my daily beauty products were starting to run out. This is kind of exciting ya'll, because we all know when a product runs out, you get to buy new stuff! I have a strict rule of not introducing something new to the beauty regime unless something runs out first. I don't believe in having five types of face wash and ending up on Hoarders. 

So here's what ran out and my plans for replacing them...

1. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
I love this stuff! I have a large tube and a bunch of small tubes that I use at work, for traveling, etc. My travel tube ran out in Colorado and I had every plan of replacing it, but I couldn't find any. There are no Targets in the middle of San Juan National Forest, just so you know. I did find a Cetaphil hand cream to hold me over for the trip, but I'm not as thrilled with as I am the Aveeno brand. After that's used up, I'll definitely go back to Aveeno. As you'll see with most of my beauty products, I prefer to go fragrance free so I'm happy to see the the larger selection of fragrance-free drugstore products these days. 

2. Weleda Pomegranate Firming Serum
I won this in a blog giveaway nearly four years ago. I haven't used it daily since then, but definitely on a regular basis, so it lasts a long time folks. It was a no brainer to replace it. It works well, moisturizing and while it does have a scent, it's fruity, light, and non-offensive. 

3. Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Mascara
I really love Tarte makeup and this was my first time trying this mascara. It's definitely a favorite, but I think I'm going to branch out and try a new Tarte mascara, probably the Lights, Camera, Lashes, as I've had a sample of that before and it's great. Not to beat a dead horse, but I love that Tarte makeup is fairly natural and there are no perfumes. Some mascara can be pretty rank. 

4. Clinique Liquid Facial Soap

I had plans of buying this facial soap again, since it worked really well, until Emma told me that Clinique uses harsh alcohols in their face products. So it took little convincing for me to look for something new. I'll be replacing this with The Body Shop's Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash and I'm really excited to try it. 

5. Dove Go Sleeveless Fragrance Free Deodorant
As much as I want to go for a more natural brand of deodorant, none of them have ever worked out for me. At the very least, this deodorant is fragrance free and it works really well. I'll be replacing this for sure. If it's not broken...

About time I head over to Sephora. *cracks knuckles*


  1. Trips are fun but I hear ya! Sundays on the couch binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix are pretty good too! ;)

    My stash counts 20+ lipsticks so I can't quite relate to your policy for introducing new products to the beauty regime ;) But I too get excited trying new things! Even something as simple as a deodorant :) I hope you like the face wash! I really love all The Body Shop's products :)

    1. 20 lipsticks?! I don't think I only any, but then again, I probably have 10+ lip balms.

      Cannot wait to try the face wash when I get to VA. Cannot believe they won't ship to CA!


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