Sep 11, 2014

Cheers to Three Years!

Wedding Album

We celebrated our three year wedding anniversary last night! The Alaska trip was the real celebration, but that didn't stop us from pulling out the old wedding album to take a look (I am ashamed to admit it was dusty). I'm so so proud of this album. Brandon and I designed it ourselves and it's in a beautiful leather bound book with really gorgeous heavy duty paper (and beautiful photos of course!). If I remember correctly, it cost about as much as my first car, but obviously worth it.

Despite our recent aversion to eating out (vacation will do that to you), we went for casual Indian food last night to celebrate. Brandon had never been to Curry Up Now and I just had to introduce him to the deconstructed chicken samosas and warm naan bread. Yum.

We may only have been married for three years, but we've been a couple for 12 years. Crazy, right? After 12 years of being together, you'd think I'd have some magical advice on relationships, but honestly, it's just about trust, compromise and being able to laugh with/at each other. Some days it can be really really hard, but when you are in it for the long haul, you swallow your pride and take your Midol. Still waiting for the FDA to approve the male version.

Cheers to 3 years!


  1. Haha, awesome! Happy anniversary! It sounds like you had a good one :) Love Indian food!

    1. Curry Up Now is what Brandon called "Indian food for hipsters". It's a great fusion restaurant and really funky inside. You drink from mason jars and eat out of tin bowls. Awesome. Will take you there when you come visit :)


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