Aug 3, 2014

Outer Banks 2014

My blog is mostly serving as a virtual scrapbook these days. I especially enjoy reading my archives of our trips. I know it seems ridiculous to post a vacation recap that happened oh...about a month ago, but my future self will thank me.

As I mentioned in my previous Outer Banks trip recaps, this is a family trip we take every summer with Brandon's family. Last year I missed it due to work obligations (being a responsible adult blows), so I was really excited to get to go this year.

First things first, we hopped on a flight from San Francisco to Washington D.C. and stayed overnight with my Mom.

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We shopped that Friday for last minute beach essentials (beach chair!) and headed down South that evening to meet Brandon's friends for dinner in Harrisonburg at the Local Chop & Grill.

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The restaurant is located in an old seed mill and specializes in local meats with all kind of interesting sides. I went with the filet mignon, truffle mac and cheese and some kind of greens (cannot remember, not important).

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We were up at 5am the next morning to make the 6+ hour trek to the beach. It's a lot of flight + car time to make it to the Outer Banks, (considering we live 40 minutes from the beach here in CA) but it's well worth it.

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Our first day on the beach was rather uneventful in the best way possible. We caught some waves. Brandon slept. I read my book. Repeat everyday for the entire week.

Just what you were waiting for...a bathing suit shot.

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J.Crew Swim gets brownie point this year for adding cups to their suits.

Brandon and I ventured out a lot at night to take photos.

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Not to make a dig at Nags Head (the "Northern Beaches" of the Outer Banks), but I strongly prefer Hatteras Island. Less people. Less traffic. Less cheesy surf shops and strip malls. And way more scenic.

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We rented an oceanfront house this year (we normally stay soundfront) and lucked out to this gorgeous view from the deck. Our neighbors were a hoot. They had a full legit stage set up where they would sing and play guitar each night on their deck. They were actually really good.

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Brandon woke up at 5am each morning to go fishing (he caught 5 sharks!) and spent his mornings snoozing. Such a hard life for that one.

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Our house was about a mile from the Avon Pier, so we walked there one night for the photographer to work his magic.

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After (finally) uploading all of my photos, I was a somewhat disappointed. I am not a photographer by any means and I sure as heck don't "practice" as much as I should, but I was sad I didn't get any stellar shots...except this beauty of Brandon's grandmother, who we fondly call "Nana". She makes the
best lemon pound cake in the entire world, which is the one of the many reasons why I married into this family.

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Ya'll, I just really love the South. That's all.

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There was a lot of this going on. I read Goodnight June by Sarah Jio and started a really ridiculous (but entertaining) young adult series called The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han. I read fluff and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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I loved watching the summer thunderstorms roll in. I sure do miss those here in California. And fireflies!

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Thursday Brandon and I decided to drive up north to a little town called Manteo. We wanted to grab lunch and check out our favorite store, The Christmas Store (it's 15 rooms of ornaments and an art gallery. I left with an owl ornament - shocker).

Lunch was at Poor Richard's near the boat dock.

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Sometimes I still take pictures with my food. It's a hard habit to break.

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On our way back, we stopped by the Bodie Lighthouse.

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Brandon told me to look all artistic and I'm laughing because I feel ridiculous and people are looking at me.

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And finally, if you are still reading, we headed back to Virginia where I caught the tail end of my cousin's 7th birthday party.

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Is there any better way to end a beach vacation than with birthday cake and ice cream?

No. The answer is no. 

For more photos:

Flickr Album
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  1. Ain't nothing wrong with a virtual scrap book!

    And 2 things: I actually DID appreciate the picture of the bathing suit because now I'm heading over to search J Crew.

    Also, I think you take some great photos! We are our own worst critics aren't we?

    Looks like a great trip!

    1. Thanks! I compare my photos to my husband's, which is probably not the smartest thing to do when he's devoted a lot more time than I have :)

      I bought two of their suits and the above was my favorite. Comfy, fun color, a bit retro and stayed in place even during a particularly gnarly wipeout!


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