Aug 15, 2014

15 Days Until Moose

A little life update...

As apart of my job, I do a lot of event coordination. I love it, but it also means that sometimes I don't get a day off for 16 days straight. Today was my 15th day of work and after my event tomorrow, I'll be free! Well, for a day, then it's back to the office on Monday. I'm looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday, followed by doing absolutely nothing besides all the chores I've neglected for 15 days. Anyone know of a good house cleaner? Mom, can you fly out here? I need you.

I signed up for a twice a week Pilates reformer class and had my first one this morning. I was a little scared. The reformer looks like some kind of torture device, but I actually really enjoyed it. I felt like I worked a lot of muscles I had probably never worked before in my life and I'm interested in seeing how sore I am tomorrow.

Pizza Studio

I had a brief break during my event planning last weekend and Brandon met me for dinner. We found a new pizza place called Pizza Studio. Given the fact that I'm super picky about toppings, condiments, and the like, I was pretty stoked with the concept. You pick your crust, sauce, cheese, toppings, etc. and they build your pizza in front of you (a la Subway) and pop it in the oven. Most of their ingredients are local, organic, free-range, nitrate-free, blessed by the hippie gods, and all that jazz, which was a bit unexpected.

Pantry Organization

Despite all the hours I've been putting in at work, I am a crazy person and got the urge to re-organize my pantry the other night. I ordered more Oxo containers, broke out the old P-Touch labeler (Brandon got me that for my birthday five years ago) and road the OCD high the rest of the night. Completely normal, I am.

We have exactly 15 days until we leave for Alaska! I'm on a mission to find some trail running shoes that are really lightweight and comfy for some of the hikes we have planned. We are also going kayaking along the glaciers, so I need some that are quick to dry as well. REI failed me, so I'm hoping Patagonia has some options. Anyway, I'm beyond excited for the trip. No email, no Internets, no traffic, no PEOPLE! Also, moose. There will be moose.

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  1. So, your trip sounds amazing. Is there room for me? ;) also, that pizza looks SO GOOD. I want.


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