Aug 27, 2014

Five Things I Won't Miss About Running

For the past two years I've dealt with chronic knee pain. I've had X-rays, a cortisone shot, and physical therapy. I was diagnosed with a chrondromalacia of the patella, aka patellafemoral pain syndrome. In other words, my knee hurts when walking up and down stairs, squats, lunge, any type of bending. It also makes a really gross cracking noise.

Recently, to try and alleviate the pain once and for all, I started seeing a chiropractor.

I don't know if you've ever been to a chiropractor, but wow. A full body adjustment is about as amazing as 60 minute massage. Whether the chiropractor helps my knee pain or not, I'll definitely continue to get adjustments because they make me feel like a million bucks.

Anyway, that's the good news. The bad news is that I'm being asked not to run again. Ever.

Luckily, I'm not the biggest fan of running anyways. Sometimes I get the urge to run intervals or participate in a 5k, but those moments are more of the exception than the rule.

But it still kind of sucks to be 30 years old and forbidden to do something that could cause you osteoarthritis in the future. It sucks to realize that my body isn't as young as it used to be and something could potentially jeopardize my ability to the things I love way more than running (hiking, snowshoeing, boogie boarding, walking up stairs - ha!)  It's pretty scary when you think those things could be taken away from you.
    I don't know what initially messed up my knees. Bad knees run in the family, but my chiropractor suspects CrossFit, which I was into about three years ago. Box jumps and squats and lunges never did feel quite right to me, but I always just worked my way through the uncomfortableness (totally my bad - not CrossFit's). Or maybe it was when I was doing a lot of HIIT sprints. Maybe I never stretched enough. Maybe it's all genetic. Who knows? Doesn't really matter because it's in the past.

    Instead of looking back though, I'm looking forward with optimism...

    Five Things I Won't Miss About Running
    1. Waiting for-ever to get a GPS signal on my Garmin/Run Keeper App.
    2. Thinking I am rocking a run and hearing the Run Keeper App lady tell me [robot voice] "Average Pace: Twelve minutes and twenty-five seconds."
    3. Thinking I've run 10 minutes when it's only been two. 
    4. That gut wrenching moment when I feel my phone fly out of my hands and land on the pavement...for the 15th time. 
    5. When I've thumbed down too many crappy Pandora songs and am forced to listen to Nickelback. 

    Seriously though, for as much as I hated running in the past, it's has been a love/hate. I'll miss that high you get after HIIT workouts on the treadmill. I'll miss the back sweat and the spaghetti legs. The joy of hitting a new PR. But, I'm just happy that we caught the issues now and that there are a TON of other exercise options for me.

    I've been really enjoying my Pilates classes and my chiropractor said spin is also an option (and there's a new studio near my office!). She also said I could wear a knee brace and still run if I want to, but I'm not taking any chances until my pain is 100% gone and even then, I'm still a bit scared of losing my knees completely as I get older, so I may never run again.


    Anyway add to my list. What things would you never miss about running?


    1. Well, this IS a bummer. Not going to lie. But it's so glad they caught it early(ish) ;) And there are SO many things you can still do. Spin class sounds really fun! And waiting for the GPS signal is super annoying, so there's that. Also, just in general running hurts. Now you have an excuse! haha. No more guilt if you skip a run! Woo!

      1. Yes! No more guilt trips when I decide to sleep in until 10am instead of run! Good one!

        I'm just glad it's happening to me, since I'm not a big runner by any means, and not happening to super speedy dedicated peeps like you :)


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