Jul 18, 2014

Google Photo Stories

Pulling photos off my camera and editing them is 10x more difficult than lacing up my running shoes (and if you know me, that's quiet surprising). I have a memory card of beach photos to go through and I'm working on getting those done before our Alaska trip next month (!). This weekend. This weekend I will do it. Pinky swear.

Anyway, until then, I discovered Google Photo Stories and had some fun playing around with it. Since I have yet to recap our travels, here ya go:

Photo Story 1: Outer Banks Vacation 2014. I miss this place already!

Photo Story 2: Ashland, Oregon Getaway (over 4th of July). We did not take one single photo from our real cameras on this trip. Between the heat and all the walking we did, we just weren't in the mood. Lugging around those babies is work.

But yeah, how fun are those stories? Google basically puts them together for you and then you go in, add captions and remove or add photos. Easy peasy.


  1. Greaattttt. Now I have one more thing to try and learn and waste time with because good stories looks COOL. I know it takes time to edit, but just promise me you will follow through with Alaska pictures? I'm really looking forward to living vicariously through you with that one!

    1. Haha! I swear Google+ plus does all the work on this one :) Took me five minutes tops.

      I'm pretty sure I'll be bursting at the seams to share Alaska photos - so excited!


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