Apr 3, 2014

Progressive Intervals and Running Woes

It's been rainy here in California this week so getting outside to run has been out of the question. I found myself staring at the treadmill the other night wondering why in the world I signed up for another 5k and cursing myself for running the last one so darn "fast" that I have to try and beat it (really, I don't have to beat that time, but that's how my brain works).

I didn't want to run at a long steady state and wasn't really in the mood for fast intervals, so I improvised and made up a treadmill workout on the spot, which was actually...fun? Okay, so maybe not fun in the true sense of the word, but it did beat treadmill boredom and the 40 minutes really flew by! I'll definitely be adding this type of run to my regimen.

Progressive Intervals
warm up: 5 -10 minutes walking

10 min / 5.6 mph 

8 min / 5.7 mph
6 min / 5.8 mph
4 min / 5.9 mph
2 min / 6.0 mph
(2 minutes walk in between each interval / 3.8 mph)
40 minutes / 3.5 miles

I felt pretty good the entire run. It was challenging, but not too challenging (I have a way with words, don't I?) The walks helped a lot and I think I might be able to kick it up a notch when I do this workout again, if I'm feeling ambitious.

Obviously, if you try, you can adjust the pace to your level, which I'm pretty sure is a lot faster than mine.

Anyway, wanted to share and also confess that I'm feeling just a wee bit unprepared for my next 5k on April 19th. Sure, I've been running about 2-3 times a week, but I haven't been challenging myself and I haven't had the greatest of runs outside. Next week, I won't have access to a gym or treadmill so all of my runs will be outside with gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here's to hoping that will bring running mojo back...

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