Apr 11, 2014

Oh Hey

Long time, no chat, huh?

I find that when life is good and busy, I tend to forget about this little blog and find myself living more and Internet'ing less. I like it.

So currently:

1. I took this week off to go home to Virginia. I have a huge memory card full of photos (mostly food - that's what I do when I go home, I eat) and will get those uploaded this weekend.

2. That week off was actually a week between jobs. Yup, another new job! Or rather, an old job. I'm going back to my old office and couldn't be more excited. I start Monday and it almost feels like I'm going home to my big dysfunctional office family.

3. I am spending today cleaning the apartment from top to bottom and I'm hoping to get rid of a bunch of clutter. How two people living in 700 sq. feet accumulate so much crap is beyond me.

4. Speaking of cleaning up stuff, I really need a closet overhaul. Before buying anything new, I'm getting rid of a bunch of old stuff and really narrowing down my choices (and thus, upping my Closet GPA). Katie linked to ThredUp, an online consignment shop, where you stuff a bag of your old clothes and they send you money for them. I'm excited to try it! If you want $10 to shop, you can use my referral link.

5. Yesterday on my flight back home, a toddler completely drenched me from the waist down in Diet Coke. Even my shoes were soaked. Needless to say, it was a really really long flight and when I finally got home, showered, and unpacked, I napped for about four hours. Four glorious hours.

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