Apr 18, 2014


Reading //  Inside Out Weight Management. For the third time. This isn't necessarily a weight-loss book, but more of a psychology book about programming, specifically around food, weight-loss, and exercising. As a former Psych major, it's totally fascinating to me how the brain operates and you can use intentional thinking to change something about your life that aren't happy with. Highly recommend this to anyone.

Watching //  Party of Five. Yes, that mellow-drama from the 90's. I was a tad bit too young to watch it when it first aired, but I was obsessed nonetheless. The first season is on Youtube and I've been suckered in. Hashtag: Scott Wolf's dimples.

Eating // Trader Joe's Mini Chicken Tikki Samosas are a new-to-me find and I love them! Not normally an Indian food fan, but these are delicious. I'm also really enjoying all the fresh strawberries that are out and the return of watermelon season.

Enjoying  // Long evening walks with Brandon. Since I got that kid a FitBit, he never turns down (and most of the time is the one suggesting) a walk.

Buying //  I ordered a bunch of jeans from Nordstrom to try out since I donated a stack of old jeans to Thred Up (referral). No dice. I love how Hudson's looked on me, but size down was too small and size up was too big. I either need to gain 2 inches on my waist or lose 2 inches on my thighs. For the love of all things clothing, can someone please tell me why they don't make women's jean sizing like men's?

Coveting // IRobot Roomba 880. Or, you know, a housekeeper. We can dream, can't we?

Looking Forward To // Outer Banks trip in June! I may or may not talk your ear off about our travels this year, so I apologize in advance. The Outer Banks is hands down one of my favorite places in the world and since I didn't get to go last year on the family beach trip, I'm even more excited for it this year. Walks on the beach. Grilling out. Bacon for breakfast. Hushpuppies and fried shrimp. Beach towels and boogie boards. Trivial Pursuit. The best.

Hoping // That I figure out why I've been so exhausted lately. I sleep eight hours a night and still come home at 6pm and want to take a nap. I started drinking coffee (for the first time ever) a few weeks ago to help, but realized that may have just been covering up the problem (and coffee did not sit well with my stomach), so I quit and have been sticking to two cups of white tea a day. I have a doctor's appointment next week and we'll see what she says...probably just another symptom of turning the big 3-0 ;)

Appreciating // The fact that I got to spend last week with my mom. I don't make it home as often as I'd like, so forking over the dough for a plane ticket last minute was well worth it. Oh and I really need to get those photos off my camera.

Happy Good Friday and wishing you and yours a blessed Easter Weekend!


  1. I may have to try those samosas! I'm not a big fan of Indian food either but I do like those!
    I also hear ya about the jeans dilemma! (Thumbs down)
    I'm jealous, I need to visit the obx at least once! Sounds so nice!

    Happy holiday weekend to you too fried

    1. The OBX is a perfect family vacation - it's very relaxing and not crowded like most beach areas (VA Beach, Ocean City, etc.). Worth the extra hours on the road!

  2. haha the fitbit is awesome for motivation!! Dave has been beating me these days!!


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