Mar 12, 2014

Yuck and Yum

My dear friend Sarah used to have a series of Yuck and Yums. I loved it. So I'm stealing it.

YUM! Brandon stole my MacBook Air for a work trip (how dare he?) and gave me his Chrome Pixel to use while he's gone. Holy cow, ya'll. The screen on this thing! It's like my Internet is now in high definition and I can see all the lovely blemishes and blackheads on photos of myself. Fonts also look really interesting (I love fonts!) and colors are so vivid. Totally geeking out over this thing.

YUCK! My hair. I've been Low 'Pooing for over three weeks now and I loved it at first. I had some great hair days without having to do the whole wash, blow dry, flat iron routine and it saved me a ton of time. But then my hair just got yuck. Dirty, smelly, and flat. So, I quit. Hey, Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo - you are my new best friend.

YUM! I'm making these Key Lime Bars tonight for our St. Patrick's Day potluck tomorrow. A crust made of animal crackers? Yes, please!

YUCK! My new running shoes gave me major blisters on my run yesterday. I went back to the running shoe store today and ended up buying my first pair of real running socks, Balega Hidden Comfort. Here's hoping my blisters heal soon and these fancy socks work out.

YUM! I only ended up working a few hours today and met a friend for iced tea and salted caramel macarons. You know those friends that you could talk to for hours upon hours about every silly thought that comes in your head? It was that kind of conversation. Major yum.

YUCK!  My beloved Tieks have fallen apart again. This is my second pair of vegan Tieks (they replaced the first pair that fell apart for free) and I'm over it. No more Tieks for me. And yes I did love them when they were intact, but $170 shoes should not be falling apart within five months. (I didn't want to write about this since it sounds so much like a First World Problem, but I do think you should know in case you are considering buying these...they have some quality issues to work out.)

YUM! Our travel for the year is shaping up well! We have our Outer Banks, NC trip in June and we are planning to spend our 3 year wedding anniversary in...ALASKA! I'm on a mission to see a moose!

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  1. Running socks are the bomb dot com! I never knew how magic they could be until I caved and bought a pair for second half.

    BOO! to your tieks! That's awful! Esp for such a steep price tag! I think that justifies the purchase of some East Coast reppin' Sperrys ;)

    Alaska sounds awesome!


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