Mar 5, 2014

What I'm Loving Lately

Travel recaps are my favorite posts to re-read, but to be honest, they take a lot of energy to write. So with two travel recaps under my belt (see previous posts), say hello to a fluff post!

What I'm loving lately...

Good Made Simple Egg White Burrito

1.  Good Food Made Simple Egg White Burrito

I picked up these at Target a few weeks ago for a quick breakfast or to throw in my lunchbox. So delicious! The ingredient label is clean and consists of 100% real food (tortilla, cheeses, egg whites, chicken apple sausage, peppers, potatoes - that's it). Oh and they were 2 for $3.00 today.

Annie's Raspberry Vinegarette

2. Annie's Naturals Lite Raspberry Vinaigrette

I've also been packing a lot of salads for my lunch and topping them with this. So delicious. I normally find salads boring and unexciting, so thank you Annie for helping me eat veggies again.

3. Run Keeper Android App

I'm trying to do most of my longer runs outside on the weekends and instead of having three gadgets on me (Fitbit, Garmin, phone for music), I replaced the Garmin with RunKeeper and I like it so much more! Why?

  • It takes two seconds to find a GPS signal. 
  • Every five minutes the creepy lady voice comes on and tell your mileage and pace. This is great because I don't have to look down and it keeps me from staring at my watch the whole time. 
  • Great stats like splits and graphs
  • Shows you a map (on Google maps) of your run. 

4. Low 'Pooing

Still going strong with the low poo method. I'm currently shampooing twice a week and yes, there are some moments that aren't pretty, but I am managing. A few times I was really close to hopping back in the shower and using shampoo, but I've held off and find that if I just leave my hair alone for a while, it sorts things out. Sometimes Day 3 looks better than Day 1. Who knew? Oh, and I've saved myself so.much.time. Which means more sleep. And I love sleep, so therefore, I love Low 'Pooing.

5. ESPN's 30 for 30 Short Documentaries: The Price of Gold 

I'm a not huge sports fanatic, but I do love a good true story. Last night Brandon and I watched the 30 for 30 Documentary about Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan (The Price of Gold). Holy drama, Batman! I remember when all of that went down, because my brothers and I were glued to every Olympic game when were kids, but I never knew about all the behind scenes stuff, as I was 11 years old. My opinion: Nancy was totally screwed out of the gold medal and Tonya Harding...well, I'll let you be the judge.

Watch it. More drama than The Bachelor, ladies. (Available on Netflix). Also, great early 90's fashion and hair with appearance by a young Connie Chung and Michelle Kwan (who I spotted at the airport this Christmas). Digressing.

Tomorrow is Thursday and I have one more 2 miler to go before my 5k this weekend! I told Brandon he has to take me out for pizza afterwards and that's what I'll thinking about the whole time I'm dying running.


  1. I've bought those burritos for David's breakfasts lately, too! He says they're pretty good :)

  2. I probably should use your recipe to make my own, but until then, these are a great option!

  3. That running app sounds like the nike plus app! I like that I can use my phone both for my running device AND for my music. And it's complete with a man creepy voice. ;) I am thinking about at least going for a walk outside this's going to be above freezing!!

    I have no idea how people only shampoo once or twice a week. I must sweat more than the average person because I HAVE to shampoo after a run and most workouts. Glad you are getting more sleep though!!


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