Mar 27, 2014

Wanderlusting 2014

After we decided not to spend our beans on a house this year, we made it a mission to travel as much as possible. Our new motto is investing money in experiences rather than things. 


So we buckled down, made a spreadsheet/budget in true Google-nerd fashion and planned out 2014. We have a trip or small getaway planned for about every other month.


April - Virginia
In just a couple weeks I'm heading home to Virginia to visit my family and friends. Even though it's not visiting someplace new, going home is always a worth a plane ticket!

Outer Banks 2012-24

June - Outer Banks, North Carolina
My favorite beach in the world (okay, Bora Bora gives it a run for its money, but that's like comparing the Four Seasons to a cozy little B&B - both good in their own ways). Each year, we rent a beach house with Brandon's side of the family and I love it so very much. There's really something special about that unique strip of land.


August / September - ALASKA!
Alaska has been a dream of ours for a while now. We are very big into hiking and the outdoors so it's a perfect compliment to the warm beach vacation we'll be taking just a few months before. We have the itinerary set and have booked five different bed and breakfasts to stay at. Most people do cruises in Alaska, but we hate being confined, so we are renting a car and driving all over. We have so much fun stuff planned, I may need a separate post for all of it. If we see a moose, it will be a successful trip. If we see the Northern Lights, it will be the best trip ever.

Colorado Oct 2012-42

October - Colorado or Utah
Not set in stone yet, but we want to do another fall weekend trip to one of our favorite mountainous states. We loved Park City and would like to go back and we have an infatuation with Telluride, Colorado. The Aspen trees in the fall are just too gorgeous to pass up.

November / December - Virginia
We'll be staying home for Thanksgiving again and of course, going to Virginia for Christmas.

So that's 2014.

2015 Wanderlusts: Get out of the country again! Peru, Greece, Italy, Holland, New Zealand. Of course, we'll be lucky if we even get to go to one of those places, but that's why they call it lusting, right? :)

If you could pick any place in the world to visit where would you go? Obviously, our list isn't long enough as it is...


  1. I LOVE that you guys are making travel a priority. With young kiddos, it's much harder to do and I look forward to getting back to it as a family one day. But until then, I will be drooling over your adventures... like Alaska?! LOVE IT!!!

    1. Yes! We see my biological clock as a ticking time bomb (j/k!) and want to get in as much as we can before then. But we also say that when we have kids we are packing em up and bringing them with us. Famous last words, huh?

  2. I wish someone would just pay me to travel the world. Le sigh! Can't wait to hear all about your Alaska adventure!!

    1. My dream job is to be the next Samantha Brown. That lady has it good :)

  3. ALASKA! I love the idea of driving around and staying in B&Bs. I've never been super excited about cruises, but I do have a mission to visit all 50 states. I think your tactic might be the way to go...

    1. Oh! A mission to visit all 50 states. Count me in on that one too!

      (p.s. I've been on a couple cruises and I can see the advantages, but they really aren't my thing).


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