Mar 4, 2014

Mt. Shasta Weekend Getaway: Snowshoeing Bunny Flat

While I've never tried skiing, I have taken a snowboarding lesson before in Lake Tahoe. It was so incredibly boring and frustrating and my feet felt trapped and I could list other reasons too, but you get the point. But snowshoeing, now that's a winter sport I can do.

Towards Bunny Flat
On the way up to Bunny Flat

Only eight miles from where we were staying in Mt. Shasta is a small recreation area called Bunny Flat. Parking is plentiful (and free) and all you need are a pair of snowshoes (we rented them for $15/day), warm clothes and some gloves. I forgot the gloves.

Bunny Flat Parking Lot

Just 15 minutes up the mountain, we encountered snow! How convenient.

Bunny Flat

Cherry Chocolate Bar

We started off with a couple snacks. Have you ever tried 18 Rabbits bars? The cherry chocolate is incredible. Oh and when I said I forgot gloves, I meant gloves that cover your fingers. I brought fingerless ones which are good for pretty much nothing other than being cute.

Bunny Flat Trailhead

And then it was time to snowshoe!

Bunny Flat

Our scenery for the next two hours. So amazing. The trail wasn't very well marked and everything started to look alike with fresh snow coming down, so we only went about 1.5 miles before we turned back. Brandon would probably like for me to tell you that he sang "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" about five times. It's his favorite.


Always keep an extra pair of Smart Wool socks in your bag.

Shot Blocks

Let me tell you, snowshoeing is hard work! We were both exhausted after heading up the mountain, so we shared a pack of Shot Blocks and then took it easy on the way back.

Bunny Flat

Brandon at Bunny Flat


Towards Mt. Shasta

Brandon likes to randomly pull over on the side of the road to take photos. I usually take this time to nap. (He did get some great shots though: check them out). We then headed back to the B&B, showered, and explored the downtown area which took all of 10 minutes.

Loose Leaf Tea from Serenitea

We stopped by a wonderful little loose leaf tea shop called Sereni-Tea and picked up some Choco-Mint roobios (for Brandon) and Mango/Pear white tea for me. I haven't gone a day without drinking at least one cup of this tea. So delicious.

After our dinner (which you can read about here), we heated that giant cinnamon roll I told you about and went to bed early. Best night ever.

On our way home the next morning, we made a quick stop at Burney Falls. We'd been there before, but it was a nice little break before heading back into 4G Land.

Burney Falls Hikes

Burney Falls

Aaannnd that concludes our little trip. We are hoping to go back in September when the lavender fields are in bloom or when I run out of that white tea...

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