Mar 2, 2014

Mt. Shasta Weekend Getaway: Our B&B and Yaks on the 5

President's Day weekend (or Valentine's Day weekend, whichever you prefer) felt like the perfect time to get out of the area. We love any excuse to get away from the everyday chaos that of which is our lives in Silicon Valley. I have three requirements when selecting a weekend trip: sparsley populated area, spotty cell service, and good restaurants. Mount Shasta in Northern California, fit the bill perfectly.

The small ski town is located about a hour south of the Oregon border and about a 4.5 hour drive from the Bay Area. The town itself has a big hippie feel to it and consists of one main street. Many people (such as us) prefer it over Tahoe because it's never crowded and seems to be a lot more budget-friendly.

As with most trips, I'll follow the same blogging format: first post about lodging and food and second post about activities.

Shasta MountInn Bed and Breakfast, Mount Shasta, CA

Shasta MountInn

This place was the very first B&B we've ever stayed at (back in 2011) and it is hands down our favorite. From the quaint rooms, the incredibly welcoming innkeeper, Dave, and the scrumptious breakfast, what is not to like? Dave truly is a gem. He bought this old house and did some work to convert it to a B&B, but he left all the charm. And really...never have met a nicer person in my life. No exaggeration.

Entrance at Shasta MountInn

Each morning we met Dave in the kitchen for breakfast and he served up eggs, about five different kinds of bread and toast, greek yogurt with granola, and on our final morning, blueberry pancakes. I tell ya what, there is nothing better than waking up to rain, a rooster crowing in the backyard and the smell of blueberry pancakes downstairs.

Kitchen at Shasta MountInn

Just look how cozy.

Dining Room at Shasta MountInn

Our room, the Twin Peaks room, was hard to get great photos of because it was pretty small (but we didn't mind). It had fantastic views, a private bath, and the best: a Tempur-Pedic bed. We are considering buying a Tempur-Pedic, so it was a nice chance to do a trial run. It did not disappoint. Twin Peaks is located upstairs (in the 2 floor home) and therefore had the best views and the most privacy.

Twin Peaks Room at Shasta MountInn

The little touches made the room feel really special. Dave had all sorts of organic and natural soaps and toiletries in the bathroom and we were right across the hall from the relaxation room which included a mini kitchen with coffee, tea, and leg massagers. I am pretty sure I could live there. I told Brandon and living there would be cheaper than a Bay Area mortgage, but he wasn't convinced.

The Food!

We headed up to Mount Shasta around 3pm on Friday and hello, President's Day weekend traffic! It was awful. It was Valentine's Day, but we didn't really care about a fancy meal and just ended up with Chick Fil A for dinner. We finally got out of the congestion and had a good 3 hour stretch of easy driving. We stopped for gas at one point and each a got a Frosty for dessert. That's how we do Valentine's Day, folks.

Yaks on the 5, Dunsmuir, California

After a day of snowshoeing on Saturday, we were absolutely famished, so it was a perfect excuse to try Yaks on the 5. Yaks is a coffee shop that just so happens to serve up the best burgers around.

While we waited for our burgers they brought out a sample of one of their famous sticky buns.

Sticky Bun from Yaks On The 5

It was drenched in a bourbon syrup and since we aren't the biggest alcohol fans (close your mouth), it was just okay. We did leave with a giant cinnamon bun that we had later that night (warmed up of course) and it was amazing.

While we waited...I played around with my camera. It was raining outside and the light was really fun to play around with.

Composite of Maria and Brandon

I swear he's nicer than he comes across in photos :)

Water Bottle

And finally...burgers!

Burger from Yaks On The 5

Brandon's burger was massive heart attack waiting to happen. It had bacon, onion straws, parmesan crisps, mayo, etc. He was moaning in fullness afterwards but said it might have been the best burger he's ever had.

I went with a simple lettuce, tomato, (homemade) ketchup route. I'm a burger minimalist. It was incredible though. Really juicy and the egg bun was the perfect touch.

This ain't your average coffee shop, folks.

Unfortunately, no other great restaurants to share. We had granola bars and Shot Blocks on our hike and of course and the breakfast each morning (I didn't take photos because I didn't want to be rude to our other breakfast guests). On our way home the next week, we stopped at some mediocre sandwich place in Redding.

Panini at From the Hearth Cafe

Decent panini, really slow service.

So that concludes this part of the recap. Stay tuned for snowshoeing adventures...


...where this genius forgot to bring gloves.


  1. That last picture of you is great!! Love the snow!

    Also, that burger is seriously impressive. I want a picture of how he ate it though. It looks about 10 feet tall!

  2. I want Brandon's burger! All the flavors and textures, please!


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