Feb 22, 2014

This Week

What a week. For being only four work days long, it sure felt like a doozy.

I started my new job on Tuesday and while things are going well, I must fess up and say that starting any new job is always a source of stress for me. Not knowing what you are doing and having a laundry list of new things to learn is always a bit daunting. I kind of wish I could skip to a month from now, when I'll hopefully have things organized and under control. By yesterday though, I was feeling a bit more confident and I'm truly excited though about my new role and putting the past one behind me.

Even though our Valentine's gift to each other was our trip to Mt. Shasta last weekend (hope to get those photos uploaded soon!), Brandon surprised me on Wednesday with this pretty little lady:

Lodge Dutch Oven

My first dutch oven! I really love making soups and stews and cannot wait to use this. I'm thinking it's a beef stew kind of weekend.

I finally used a Target gift card that my brother got me for Christmas and bought a new bedside table lamp. I know you are just as excited as I am.

New Lamp

I used to have a silly owl lamp there, but I've wanted something a little more grown up. I also brought out my peacock print from Etsy and (Anthropologie) framed wedding photo.

Finally, may I present you with my new favorite outfit. I cleaned out my closet a few weekends ago and found leggings. How does one forget that they own super comfy leggings?


Also love my new Lands' End Canvas cardigan. So cozy.

And now I'm lounging around on this Saturday and trying to get the energy to run. I missed two scheduled runs this week and my 5k is in two weeks or something. Yikes.

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