Feb 7, 2014

Five Things Friday: Fitness Goals

Linking up to Clare for another Five Things Friday post!

I recently went through a period where I didn't make any fitness goals. I thought it would make me more of a free spirit and less stressed. Talk about diverting completely away from my personality! My "J" (as in ISFJ) was crying. It was actually more stressful not having a plan than having one.

JM Yoga Meltdown - 1

Now that I've been working towards a few goals, I've been a lot happier with myself and confident that I can build up my fitness again to where it used to be. And here they are:

1. Run the 5k.

My first mini goal is to just finish, walking or no walking. My second mini goal is to try and make it under 34 minutes. Challenging, but not impossible. I looked up my old 5ks from 2009 and they were 29:30 and 28:11. That's not happening, but I think I can average around an 11min mile. I think.

2. Core work. 

On a whim one night, I tried a plank and it was pathetic (like 20 seconds). Now, each evening, Brandon times my planks and I'm working up to a 3 minute one.

3. 10k steps a day. 

Still love the Fitbit and all of my new friends on there!

4. Workout at least 3 times a week. 

I started marking my workouts on my calendar, planning a few weeks in advance. I  love having it all planned out, so I don't have to...you know...think.

5. Yoga. 

I want to try to make one class or one home session a week. Yoga is one of those things that I have to force myself to do, despite really enjoying it. I know this makes no logical sense.

Also, this is my 200th post!

Fitness goals or no goals?


  1. GIF = amazing. HA! I look forward to having fitness goals again. Right now it's mostly, walk up stairs, pick up Hailey, don't fall. Ah, pregnancy.

  2. I think your goals for #1 are reasonable and achievable. Yeah, I know all about sub 30 5ks and while it's great to finish fast, it hurts getting to that finish line! I'll be rooting for ya! I think I need to get into yoga, if not now, certainly after little miss arrives. Like you, I like how it makes me feel but actually doing it, ugggh.

  3. Congrats on #200! Awesome gif you picked. I ran a 5K last year and did a 5K mud run. I hate running... and I don't mind not doing them. I need to go to my yoga class - is it odd that my favorite time to do hot yoga is during the summer?


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