Feb 27, 2014

A Running Update

You guys! My 5k is in two weeks! Help!

First, I'd like to again thank Maria for making me sign up for this thing. She even found the race for me. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would have not been sticking to a running plan. In fact, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be working out at all. So lots of love to her. I'm back on the treadmill (and sometimes the sidewalk) and it feels pretty good to be gaining my fitness back.

So how is it going? Well, I made a training plan based on nothing but what little I know from Couch to 5k and what will work for me. It goes roughly like this:

  • 1 day of "long run" - bumping up the amount of time a little bit each week
  • 1 day of faster intervals - think 3 min running / 2 min walking or 5/3
  • 1 day of longer intervals - think 10 min running / 3 min walking

And so far, I think I've been really good about sticking to the plan, I'd say close to 90%. Except last week, let's not talk about last week. 

It's quite humbling though. As I mentioned, I'm not by any means, a natural runner. It's so hard for me. A few years ago, I was running a comfortable 10:00/mile pace for outdoor runs and a 9:30 5k pace. Right now my longer runs are a 10:40-11:10/mile pace, which is fine by me and feels comfortable, yet challenging. But yeah, slow.

I love the treadmill for my interval runs mostly for consistency (and controlled temps), but I like my longer runs to be outside. Yesterday called for 30 minutes of running nonstop and it was pouring rain outside. Cranking out those 30 minutes on the treadmill was pure torture for me, but I finished with a 11:09 min/pace. Some days my runs are on key and some days they just plain suck (like yesterday), but I'd rather have a crappy run any day over no workout at all.

So this brings me to my 5k goals. I originally wanted to finish around 34 minutes, which seems generous since my old 5ks were about 28 and 29 minutes. But, getting my endurance back has been taking a bit longer than I had planned (though to be fair, I only started consistently training 4 weeks ago), so I'm still going to shoot for 34 minutes and be happy with anything under 36. I am also going to experiment with the Galloway Method (Maria also sent me this - she's the best) and potentially run 10 minutes / walk 1.5 minutes or something to that effect. I think it will be mentally better for me. I plan to use this for my practice 5k tomorrow and see how it goes.

Woah, that was a lot of navel gazing rambling about running a little old 5k. But I really have enjoyed the training (most days) and it's a been a great distraction and stress reliever while I contemplate what I want to do with my career for the rest of my life (yes, I'm back there again)...another post for another time.


  1. Get it girl! I can't wait to hear how it goes next week!

  2. Good for you!! As a fellow slow runner (well, non-runner at the moment), I know how challenging it can be. I think just getting out there and doing it is awesome. I look forward to beginning the journey to learning how to run all over again in a few months. Until then, I'll be cheering for you!

  3. Go girl!! I'm so wishing I could train and run with you girl! I'm so excited for you!! Can't wait to hear all about it! Email me??


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