Jan 3, 2014


Ah. I didn't mean to totally neglect this little blog while I was home for the holidays, but alas, family, friends, and laying around in my pajamas took precedent - as they should. I did take a memory card full of photos though and this weekend, while sadly packing up my Christmas decor, I'll be editing and uploading those. The goal is to post them before Valentine's Day. I don't hold myself to high blog standards, obviously.

I'm still jet-lagged to the core. The three hour time difference doesn't normally mess me up, but I blame the 7am New Year's Day flight. That was brutal. I didn't even stay up to watch the ball drop, yet somehow managed to only get about 2 hours of sleep that night. Still feeling it. Thank you universe for making today Friday.

I went back and forth and back and forth again on whether or not I'd be making New Years Resolutions. I've done them in the past and sometimes I make goals during the middle of the year when inspiration hits, but thinking about resolutions makes me tired (or perhaps that's the jet lag). Instead, I'm just going to stick to my usual cheesy motto of trying to be the best person I can be for that day. To bite my tongue when Brandon flips all the lights on while I'm watching a movie. To call my mom twice a day just to chat. To eat some vegetables. To move a bit more and take the stairs whenever I can. To savor a cup of tea. To count my blessings. To stop whining about the small stuff. Easier said than done.

Among other amazing things (which I'll blog about soon), we received a Google Chromecast for Christmas. You guys. This has totally changed how I watch TV. I can now seamlessly stream my Netflex to our TV and can use my laptop at the same time. (Note: I should probably make a resolution to stop multi-tasking.) It's awesome and I'm now watching the entire series of The Office, again. Another cool note: Brandon submitted a lot of his photography to be included on Chromecast's screensavers. And they selected a ton of them! So every 5th or so photo, I'm screaming "Brandon! That's your photo! There's our honeymoon! OMG!". It will never get old.

Okay. I should stop now. Be back soon with a Christmas recap. It was a good one. Really good one.

Happy Friday!


  1. That is so neat they've picked up B's pictures! Yay for quality family time! I definitely enjoyed every minute we spent with mine this holiday break! And I'm with ya on the resolutions thing. This year I think I'll just be vague and try to be a better person in general.

  2. Just found your blog and I love your style!!

  3. That is SO awesome about Brandon's photos! And I'm totally with ya on the resolutions...they're just not for me, but I do like the idea of just doing a bit "more" when I can! :)


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