Jan 22, 2014

A House Hunting Update

Can I get a collective "arghhhhh"? That's how I feel about this whole real estate purchasing business right now. We had our hopes up and our hearts set on a beautiful 3 bedroom, 2 car garage house with an actual backyard (!) and walking distance to the farmers market. Big shiny stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, and quartz countertops to boot. We toured it and we fell in love.

And then we learned that 50 other people fell head over heels for it too.

So that's the short version of what's been happening with the house purchase thing right now. We lost our dream house to people camping overnight in 30 degree weather. The first guy in line? Well, he was offered 20k in cash to give up his spot. The others in line? They were paid to stand there by investors. It was a sick, twisted game that we not only couldn't afford to play, but really didn't want to.

So that's that. We looked at other places but they seemed overpriced and lackluster. We had long talks with our Real Estate agent and came to the conclusion that we are taking an indefinite break from the house hunting. It makes a lot of sense number-wise and for our future.

Outer Banks 2012-33

I haven't been shy about our plans in the past about moving out of the area in about 5-7 years. We are craving simpler life in a less populated area, with front porch swings, large backyards, and community potlucks. We'll get there eventually.

We're almost relieved by the decision though. No more stress about looking and this has allowed us to invest our money in other ways...like travel. Ah, travel! I'll be a lot less sad about the house when I'm lounging on the beach, that's for sure.

Outer Banks 2012-51

Our beach house is booked for June in North Carolina and our trip to Mt. Shasta, California is on the horizon. I'm running again and cooking more healthy meals, so I feel great. I found the perfect fitting jeans for $29 at Old Navy (Diva Cut skinnies). I'm working less overtime than I have in eight months and am joining a book club. Life is still really sweet.


  1. Maybe bump up that move (to Denver obviously) to like say, next year? Okay great see you then!

  2. YES PLEASE! Do you love it so far?

    Colorado is holding steady at number one place we want to move to next. I can totally see us fitting into someplace like Boulder!


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