Dec 1, 2013

Yosemite Birthday Weekend: The Hiking

I just uploaded photos from our long and exhausting hike yesterday (I'm so sore. Even my shoulders and arms! How is that possible?) when I realized that I haven't created my final recap of our Yosemite weekend. So I shall attend to that first because the Type A in me is going crazy about not getting that up.

For the record, I post recaps of our trips for memory preserving purposes. I understand that they might be yawn-worthy to you and anyone else that isn't me or my mom.


Other Yosemite Birthday Weekend Posts:

We explored a new part of Yosemite that we hadn't been to before, Glacier Point. Glacier Point is normally shut down in the late fall/winter due guessed It was a bit crowded, but we managed to find parking and accomplished two hikes.


First up, we went to the overlook...


...where you can get a glorious view of Half Dome and apparently, my rear end. Sorry.


Sentinal Dome was next on the list. This hike was easy to moderate, but we were kind of huffing and puffing. The altitude on Glacier Point hikes is a lot higher than other Yosemite Valley hikes and the air was much thinner. Still, we made it to the top, feeling really out of shape and really old.





Next:Taft Point. This hike was definitely my favorite. Most of it was shaded and level. I hate hikes that are out in the open, so trees + shade always wins for me. Also, there was a freak show at the end of it.

So high. So many crazies on tight ropes.




Yeah. No words. We sat there and watched them for about 30 minutes and headed back. Didn't know our hikes would come with free entertainment.

So that concludes my Yosemite Birthday Weekend trip, which took place in October. It is now December. You'd think I'd be better at this whole blogging thing by now...


  1. Ahhh, those tight ropes. No thank you! :)

  2. Those pictures are amazing! I'm jealous I would love to do some hiking, but it's getting too cold around here in Boston. And WOW those tight rope pictures are insane.. that makes me nervous just looking at them


  3. Oh, I was scared to death while watching them. My stomach was full of butterflies. I cannot imagine...

    Winter hikes are my favorite. The trails are less crowded. You can cover up to avoid too much sun exposure and parking is a breeze. That being said, it's much easier to hike in the winter in CA than in Boston. No 20 degree temps for me! :)

  4. Oh my gosh! When you first posted that last picture of the tight ropes, I thought that girl was ziplining...not WALKING IT!! Holy crap! I have a hard enough time on solid earth, I wouldn't make it one step! Haha!

    PS, nice, I mean VIEW! ;)

  5. Those tight rope walkers, oh heck no! That's just nuts. But what a quiet, peaceful way to spend a birthday otherwise. Cheers, friend!

  6. WOW! I about peed my pants when I saw those pics... crazy! We need to go hiking there next visit!

  7. Those tight rope walkers... oh my goodness, my heart skipped a beat just looking at those pictures. I can't even imagine!


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