Dec 15, 2013


Sometimes I spend 30+ minutes just browsing my blog archives. It really is like an online scrapbook and I enjoy looking back on posts of the past, especially the little stuff that I'd normally forget.

Given that, here's our little weekend. It's been a good one.

Tieks Chestnut

Brandon got me a Tieks giftcard for my birthday and I've been waiting patiently for the Chestnut color to come back in stock. I finally purchased them this week and I'm in love.

Gotts Roadside Burger

Last night we met up with our friend Michael and went to Gott's Roadside in Palo Alto. We've been to the Gott's in St. Helena before and loved their burgers and fries, so we are happy that there's finally one a bit more local to us. The food is good, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy.

Tin Pot Creamery Egg Nog

Gott's is also located near Tin Pot Creamery, where we grabbed a scoop of ice cream for dessert. I chose the seasonal flavor: Boozy Caramel Eggnog and I topped it with shortbread cookie. Oh my stars ya'll.

No photographic evidence, but we then drove around Palo Alto to gawk at the mansions all decorated for Christmas and check out Christmas Tree Lane, a entire neighborhood that goes all out with the decorations. It's one of our favorite California traditions and we were happy to include Michael in the fun. Yes, we are lame.

Its a Wonderful Life

Saturday night ended with my favorite Christmas movie (White Christmas takes a very close second). This movie warms my heart like no other and I cried like a baby. If you haven't seen this, please please find a copy and watch it.

Today, Sunday, we plan to check out some more open houses (boy do I owe you an update on this crazy process), do some laundry, and start packing to go home for Christmas.

Empty Fridge

Operation clean out the fridge is almost complete. Looks like it's Subway for dinner for the next three nights. We leave for Virginia on Thursday and are spending two glorious weeks on the East Coast with our families. Emma is flying in from Holland and we have cookie baking, shopping, and movie watching plans.

Four more sleeps!


  1. YAH!!! :D I cannot wait! I feel like I am that person you were talking to when you said "If you haven't seen it", because I am pretty sure everyone else has ;) We'll have to watch it! :)

    Btw, thanks for the reminder! I am not doing that well on cleaning out the fridge before I leave! ;) when I have final exams, pretty much everything else get's neglected for a week so I am very unprepared for leaving for 2 weeks.. Oh well! :P

    Can't wait to see you guys!!

  2. I LOVE Christmas Tree Lane in Palo Alto - so festive. :)


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