Dec 8, 2013


About once a year I treat myself to a manicure for the holiday season/my husband's holiday party. After living here for seven years, I've found the perfect nail place: Michelle's Nail Spa. Locals, take note. This is the best of the best.

Case in point: hot tea served in real china. They were also playing Christmas music.

Tea and A Manicure

I went with Fedora from their CND line. It's a deep purple/maroon color that I thought would be nice and dramatic enough for an evening event.

Fedora CND Nail Polish

I was going to write about how much I love CND Vinylux polish (which I've really liked in the past for pedicures), but just I noticed a chip. Whomp.

And this is why I don't get manicures very often.

After the manicure (and eyebrow wax - ouch), I went to Target for other holiday party essentials.

Holiday Party Necessities

Have you guys ever tried the Target version of Spanx? These are a fraction of a price of regular Spanx. I don't know if I recommend this or not, but I went up a size because I highly value breathing and was mainly looking for something to keep me warm under my dress. Despite that, this product did hold up to its promise of smoothing things out a bit.

Fab Feet insoles. Completely necessary with heels.

And this was my first time trying Baby Lips, in cherry and peach. They really do live up to the hype. I need every flavor/color.

December 2013 - 6

All together now. I wore a dress I picked up at Nordstrom about 3 years ago, by Adrianna Papell (similar). I've worn it to various holiday parties (and a wedding) in the past and I hope no one remembers. My shoes are from Banana Republic.

We took the shuttle bus to the event venue (USS Hornet - yes, a WWII aircraft carrier!) and happened to be one of the first people at the party, as usual. Party geeks.

USS Hornet - 3

Sorry the photos are super lame. I didn't bring a real camera.

We feasted on chocolate covered bacon, black bean papusas, quesadillas, bacon stuffed tomatoes, potstickers, pork buns, and ice cream sundaes. Google never disappoints with the food.

USS Hornet - 2

USS Hornet - 1

The venue was definitely the best one yet. I mean, how often do you get to tour a real aircraft carrier? It's actually a museum, so we enjoyed checking out the different decks and reading about the ship's success in WWII.

We were instructed at 9:40pm to head to the flight deck for a "Top Secret", which turned out to be a fireworks display! Overlooking the San Francisco Bay and the city skyline, we watched fireworks perfectly choreographed to James Bond music (the party theme). Google is ridiculous.

After the display, we headed back to catch a shuttle bus home. About 30 minutes into our 60 minute ride, the bus slows to a stop.

And were were officially broken down. On a super busy highway - a bridge in fact.

It could have been worse. We sat on the dead bus for only about an hour. High patrol was called and another bus came to get us. Since we were on the highway, they had to basically shut down the bridge for us to safely get off and onto the new bus. It was an interesting evening and I was more than ready to see my bed at the end of it.

But yeah, what a fantastic night!

Oh and I almost forgot:

Bond Moves

Too cool for school. (p.s. Brandon's thumb kills me. We both have double jointed thumbs, but at least I can control mine for photos.)

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  1. Aww, I love the James Bond photo! And you know, I never would have noticed Brandon's thumb had you not said anything! ;) I need to find me some of those insoles! After shopping all day last Sunday with the man-friend in boots, my feet were STILL sore on Wednesday! Womp womp! Baby Lips are awesome...I have the regular and the peach! Love your dress! The lace detail is so pretty! Glad you guys had a great night, even if it did have a somewhat interesting ending...hey, at least the bus wasn't taken over by spies! ;)


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