Nov 11, 2013

Yosemite Birthday Weekend: Lodging


I grew up with Shenandoah National Park right outside my back yard, so when we moved to California years ago, I was a little sad that we couldn't just hop in the car and be surrounded by nature in less than 15 minutes. Now, we have to drive three hours, but I'm not complaining. Yosemite is worth it. So worth it.

That is my favorite hoodie and I wear it all the time. $10 from Old Navy. 

With most of my travels, I like to split up the posts. I started this post by combining Lodging and Eats, but it was getting really long. So yeah, dragging out my birthday weekend into three posts. Ridiculous.

1. Lodging
2. Eats
2. Activities (in this case, hiking and learning to pee in the woods of which I am now an expert at)



This was our third stay at Sierra Mountain Lodge, a small bed and breakfast about 40 minutes outside the South Entrance of Yosemite. It's so perfect that we've never considered staying anywhere else.

It's quaint, super affordable, and oh so peaceful. We stayed during the off-season (no breakfast), so it came to only $115/night for the Sunrise Suite, a 2-story suite with a living room, kitchen area and lofted bedroom.



Clean, modest, and rustic. It sort of feels like my home away from home, which makes sense because we've never stayed in any of the other rooms.


We met the owners (who live next door - talk about my dream job) in our previous stays and they are just about as charming and sweet as they can be, but during the off-season, you actually don't see them. You simply use a code to get your key and let yourself in and out. No set check-in times meant that getting held up in Bay Area traffic on our way there was just a tad less stressful. Just a tad.





Despite their absence, the kitchen is open in the morning and at night so you can help yourself to free tea, coffee, and a library of books and DVDs. We found Monster's Inc. on the Disney Channel though.

I didn't get a good photo of the bedroom loft, but it was so cozy and warm (the nights were very chilly), but no matter, I'll get one next time. There will surely be a next time.

Oh and this was the view from our porch. Yeah, I know.



  1. I love staying at places like that! Makes the vacation seem even cozier!

  2. Ok, so I know it was off season and all, but I can't help but be amused that you stayed in a bed and breakfast without a breakfast! Haha! The place looks so peaceful though...inside AND out (definitely OUT!). And I love the idea of a loft bedroom! Please tell me it had a little ladder you had to use to get up to it like in Little House on the Prairie! ;)

    Mmm, Earl Grey is my MAN! I swear that stuff smells like Fruit Loops! Lol


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