Nov 12, 2013

Yosemite Birthday Weekend: Eats

In case you missed it, I started rambling about my birthday weekend trip here.

Now for the food...

Where and What We Ate

Sierra Mountain Lodge, where we stayed, is located in Ahwahnee, California, population 2,000. So yeah. No places to eat there. Luckily, the town of Oakhurst (population: more than Ahwahnee) is just 10 minutes away and offers plenty.


We went to Jamba Juice for breakfast because we wanted something relatively healthy and fast.


Oatmeal and a smoothie: healthy living blogger stamp of approval. It was quite tasty though.



Umm, granola bars and Shot Blocks during our hikes. Moving along...


The first night we went to a hole in wall Mexican place called Taqueria Plazuelas. Folks, you don't get more authentic than this place. I was transported to Mexico in precisely 2 minutes (because that's literally how fast our meals came).

(Giant bottles of Mexican Coke!)


Chips were homemade and good, but the salsa was even better. I love restaurant-style salsa without all the chunks. Eww, chunks.


I ordered two tacos (chicken and carne asada) with rice and beans. Oh my gosh those beans. Definitely fried in some kind of pork fat, which in my world = awesome. I wasn't a huge fan of the chicken taco, but the carne asada one made up for that and them some. So flavorful and juicy.


Brandon chose a chicken mole dish which was really good as well (I tried it of course). The chicken just fell right off the bone.

The second night, after a day full of hiking, we were operating on a major calorie deficit. What to do? Pizza, of course.

We went to Pizza Factory, which broke our "no chain restaurant rule" (for dinners and lunches), but this was the first and original Pizza Factory, so it got a pass. You know what I loved most about this place, besides the pizza? It totally reminded me of home and small town America. I know that's weird, but growing up we had our regular pizza joint where the servers knew our names and we had our table in the back. A place where you couldn't go without seeing 10 people you know. That was Pizza Factory to me. We sat near an older couple with their grand children and across from an 8 year old's birthday party. Warm fuzzies all over.


And the pizza was amazing too. We went with our (boring, but classic) staple: pepperoni and sausage.

Birthday Dessert!

How can I not mention my birthday cake in this post. Before leaving, Brandon picked me up a red velvet/cream cheese birthday cake from my all time favorite bakery, Susie's Cakes. We had a piece before we hit the road and then I carefully packed this baby up and tucked it in the back seat of my car.


No words ya'll. No words.

Okay I'm tired and now hungry. More photos and hiking recaps to come. Still have another memory card to sort through...


  1. I'm with Jane, I am entirely TOO hungry to have read this post just now...omg, it's time to EAT! Could I trade what I brought with me to work for a slice HALF that pizza?! That cake looks velvet used to be my favorite growing up! And I'll take a side of those homemade chips...they look so THICK! I hate the ones at restaurants that are paper thin! Oh I'll be sure that if we ever visit a Mexican restaurant together to eat all the chunks out of the salsa before letting you have any! ;)

  2. I want to dive into that cup of salsa right now!!


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