Nov 21, 2013

A House Hunting Update

First it was August. Then October. Then it was supposed to happen this month.

Here we are on November 21th and the house that we want to buy is still not finished. Now that the rainy season has started here in California (the rainy season that I didn't know about until I moved here), we are probably looking at January or February at best. Meanwhile, we drive by the new construction development on a weekly basis and gawk at the progress. I have yet to convince Brandon to toss me over the fence so I can get a closer look, but I'm working on him.

The process of buying new construction is different from what I expected. The houses are first built, but not completely finished inside (which is great thing because you can choose your finishes!) and then once the the entire phase of new homes are semi-complete, they all go on sale one day. On that particular morning, at the lovely hour of 4am, we'll be camping out in line to (hopefully) make an offer. Brandon compares this to that time he slept outside Target to get a Nintendo Wii.

Yeah. Kinda of like the same thing.

So that's where we are at. Waiting for sale day.

Until then, I'm starting to figure out my "home style", which right now is a mixture of modern, mid century and cottage elements. I love whites, creams, beachy blues, deep plums, navy and warm grays. Yeah, I'm all over the place and don't know what the hell I'm doing. Basically, I like these:

Home Style Collage
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  1. Ugh, I've lived in my house for nearly three years now and have yet to fully decorate it. I tend to lean toward modern contemporary. I like minimalism, clean lines, and pops of color...but I'm also highly indecisive...hence the reason why 75% of the walls in my home are empty! Ha!

  2. I hate clutter, so I totally appreciate a clean and minimalist look too. See? I told ya I was all over the place!

    Oh, we've been in our apartment for 4 years and our bedroom still looks like we are in college.


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