Oct 27, 2013

Sunday Confessions


Happy Birthday to me! We've been away in Yosemite for the weekend, staying at a B&B, hiking and eating all sorts of great food. Not a bad way to bring in 30, huh?

I haven't done a Sunday Confessions in a while, so here goes...

1. Candy corn is nasty. Like eating wax with sugar.

2. You know you've neglected the gym too much when your yoga pants aren't as comfy as you remembered them to be.

3. I've tried to give up Diet Coke about ten times (not exaggerating) in the past six months. I give up trying to give up. Diet Coke, you are forever my guilty pleasure. Stop mocking me.

4. The only pumpkin I plan to eat this season is pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Nothing else comes close to the deliciousness, so why bother?

5. I went to the dentist the other day and had no shame in asking if they could use the child-sized x-rays on me because I have a really small mouth, contrary to what my husband thinks. And I have a big gag reflex.


  1. Wow! I have never heard of this organization until now. That video...oh my gosh...let's just say I am still wiping tears from my face. Thank you so much for sharing this, Maria! As a healthcare professional, I work with a lot of the elderly and it's hard sometimes to see what they've been/are going through. I am definitely going to look into it a bit more...and I'm also going to go see my grandfather the next chance I get! :)

  2. That last one made me laugh! I can't say I've ever had a problem with the x-rays...but I do have a really big mouth...in more ways than one! Lol

    I agree that candy corn is one of the nastiest candies ever created...right up there with black jelly beans and Peeps and Mike & Ikes! :P But as much as I love pumpkin pie, I just can't stop at pumpkin pie...must pumpkin-ize ALL THE THINGS...as long as it's homemade because that fake pumpkin spice crap doesn't fly with me! And fyi, you're not alone on the yoga pants!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY again!! Hope you're having a great time! That view looks incredible!

  3. Noooo I can't believe all of this candy corn hate when I was just thinking I MUST go to the store to get some this season!!

  4. I've tried to give up diet dew before and am even down to my last few cans right now...but I just love it so much I might have to buy more!!

    Hope you are having a relaxing time, friend! PS You should do a Sunday confessions link-up! :)

  5. Happy late birthday friend!! 30 will be amazing! And eating cookies always helps...so does hopping on the elliptical and getting lost in tv land. :)

    PS We should find a 5K to run together! After not running a month and doing the hot chocolate 5K I feel like I'm back to the beginning of my training haha.

  6. Haha. We do indeed! I'd totally be up for that. I am, as I mentioned above, painfully slow at this point (my "sprints" yesterday were at an 8:30 pace), but I'm chugging along and really excited to start seeing some progress soon.

  7. Never feel bad asking for the child sized xrays!! We would much rather you ask that than gag all over the place! lol. I have been thrown up on before... let's avoid that at all cost.

    I totally agree with #1 and 2! Time for new pants I say!

  8. lol... love that you bought new pants!! -->refer to my comment on your last post! HGTV is what I watch when I walk at the gym... and get the stink eye from the girls who want my treadmill to run. bahaha!!

    ps... I think we need to celebrate your bday together next year! What do you say??? :)

  9. Oh I would have died of embarrassment if I ever threw up in the dentist chair. When I used to to go the orthodontist, I came close a few times. I'd cry when getting impressions.

    Hooray for new pants!

  10. Umm...let me think about that. YES!

  11. WHY IS THAT GIRL DOING THAT? Not. Okay. No no no.

  12. 1. Ok, so part of me is all like, "Wow that looks like FUN!" and then the other part of me is like, "Omg, what if the line broke and I plummeted to my DEATH?!" Haha!
    2. Good for you for buying new pants! I seriously need to do that too...I'm not sure I can make it through this crazy cold winter we're supposed to have this year in my leggings!

    3. This made me giggle! I hope those perspective changes are helping. Big deeps breaths! And email me if you need to vent, love!
    4. Agreed! Gah, I miss running!
    5. TV in general is my motivation for cardio at the gym...I haven't had cable in YEARS! Just the other day, I stayed on the elliptical for double the amount of time I originally intended because James Denton was on Reba! Haha!

  13. REBA! Oh my gosh, we are soul mates. Reba is such a feel-good, warm fuzzy type show for me. I just love her to death.


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